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Kolkata News When wills the illegal Blood-e-rickshaws stop?

 The Calcutta High Court has set a deadline

The Calcutta High Court has set a deadline to ban blood and electronic rickshaws in the state. On Monday, Justice Aridity Bandopadhyay and Justice Kushiro Chan do scheduled the time. The Secretary of Communications was appointed on 22 February. Stop the illegalization of Toto’s electronic rickshaws across the state. And that compelling report must be submitted to the court by the secretary of transportation. Plaintiff’s attorney, Saner Duct, said on the same day Toto’s abuse took place in the state, despite the Supreme Court’s lengthy decision. Hopefully, Toto’s abuse will be resolved after a weighty order from Judge Aridity Bandopadhyay and the panel of Judge Kasha China on Monday.

The state will then implement an order regarding the detention of illegal

Toto on the other side of the state, he said Monday. February 22 the Secretary of the Ministry of Immigration is to file a report in the High Court that the Government has taken action against all illegal Toto. Since 2014 several cases have been filed in the Calcutta High Court due to 꽁머니 travel in the state. . Rita Mitta, a resident of Srirampur in highly, filed the lawsuit in 2016. All the cases were heard at the same time.

 2016 August 18 The team of Chief Justice Jyotirmoy

Bhattacharya Division ordered the suspension of Toto’s criminal activity in the state for another three months. Unemployed, the petitioners went back to court. 2018 November 17 the court of Judge Dibasic Kargupta ruled that all illegal blood transfusions should be stopped in the state by 2019. May 31 2019 August 5 the team of Chief Justice of TB Radhakrishnan Division ordered the execution of … court order until 2019. August 31 Rita Marta in Hawaii files a lawsuit in court.

 During the trial, the panel of Judge

Aright Bannered and Judge Akashi Chad of the Division stated that the Secretary of the Ministry of Transport arrived on February 22. Should be notified of the action taken by the state government against illegal Blood. But the state told the court about 500,000 people had joined the Toto movement. However, lawyers said the report required an illegal Blood, rather than a court -approved Blood.

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