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Learn about methods of brick engraving, Ohio

Is fundraising for a cause on your mind? Bring your donors a step closer to you by getting your donors to your cause with the convenience of accepting engraved bricks in Ohio that can be easily ordered online. The online ordered brick engraving, Ohio, proves to become a powerful marketing tool that ensures your brick fundraising campaign is successful. Get your hands on the best quality engraved pavers in Ohio with midwestengraving.com. They combine the great looks and the durability of bricks and pavers with an engraving process that is either laser or sandblast engraving. The best part is that it allows the brick purchaser to see a mock-up of their paver before purchasing. Moreover, the website is relatively easy to navigate and permits your customer to pay up using their credit card.

Why consider a brick engraving, Ohio fundraiser?

The engraved bricks, Ohio and even engraved pavers are popular choices when it comes to fundraising by kindergartens, clubs, councils, schools, etc. The reasons that contribute to making it popular are:

Reason  1: Affordable

The engraved pavers Ohio,  and engraved bricks by brick engraving companies online like midwestengraving.com offer durable and affordable brick engraving making it a viable option for you.

Reason  2: Convenient to start or stop

There are no upfront costs or leftover inventory to worry about with engraved bricks, Ohio fundraising campaign. At the same time, your brick engraving, Ohio campaign can be active for years to come and can even stop as per your organization’s goals.

Reason  3: Donor Recognition

The engraved paver, Ohio, or engraved bricks allow your donor to receive an engraved brick/paver with the information they want on it, as each brick or paver can be engraved with a combination of design, and letters, and numbers.

What is the different brick engraving Ohio methods available to choose from?

When you search for brick engraving in Ohio, you have to choose different methods of engraving that include Sandblasting or Laser engraved bricks in Ohio. When you see an engraved paver or brick, you see words, designs, symbols, or images, but they could be created using different brick engraving methods.

When you visit midwestengraving.com, you will find both the types of engraving methods for your bricks and pavers for your fundraising projects. Let us understand both the brick engraving and Ohio processes in detail.

Sandblasting Engraving Process:

The sandblasting engraved bricks or pavers, Ohio, have been present since 1870. Initially, this brick engraving process involved using sand blown at high speeds to chisel at a surface. However, now the sand is replaced by air which is a better and healthier option. The sandblasting process on engraved pavers, Ohio, is recommended on concrete pavers, limestone and granite. The inscriptions are sandblasted, and a high-quality stain is applied.

Laser Brick Engraving Process

With today’s technological advancement of engraving bricks, Ohio, laser engraving is the best method to opt that uses high-tech tools to engrave on long-lasting and durable bricks. It has become the best choice for engraved bricks Ohio. Here are the reasons why make laser bricks engraving method is the best:

  • It’s efficient: The brick engraving, Ohio, using laser technology is the most efficient engraving method. It took days to do the engraving job on bricks or pavers, and today, with laser engraving, it only takes hours.
  • It’s detailed: The engraved bricks, Ohio, using laser technology, can create strokes and designs with precision and fine details.
  • It’s versatile: The brick engraving, Ohio, using laser technology, can work on various materials, including granite, bricks, glass, metal, wood and many other materials.

What’s the Process of Brick Engraving, Ohio?

The brick engraving company in Ohio- midwestengraving.com, is one of the best companies providing two different engraving techniques. You can choose the method you wish to adopt for your brick engraving in Ohio. You can opt for laser brick engraving to get precise detail and graphics. On the other hand, you can also opt for engraving sandblasting method, which is more than 130 years old. The engraved pavers, Ohio using sandblasting technique produces a deep and clean engraving.  Both the methods are effective. However, they come with a different lifetime guarantee!

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