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10 Amazing Macca Root Benefits You Should Know

Maca is a root veggie native to Peru’s Andes Mountains. The region’s indigenous people have used Maca for medicinal and nutritional properties for centuries. Maca root is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Hence, the maca root benefits make it prevalent.

Peruvian cuisine uses Maca as a common ingredient. It gives dishes an earthy taste. You can grind maca root into a powder that you can add to your meals or smoothies.

Maca root benefits are several, besides its culinary use.

Various Ways To Get Maca Root Benefits

Here are a couple of methods to get the maca benefits.

  1. For a healthy boost of nutrients, add them to juices and smoothies.
  2. You can make a maca root powder. One can use this powder in recipes or as a dietary supplement.
  3. Place them in soups and stews for enhance flavor and nutrition.
  4. For a unique taste, roast them and add to salads and other dishes.
  5. To make maca root tea, heat ‌the roots and steep them in steaming hot water.
  6. For a healthy boost in nutrition, add them to baking products and other recipes.
  7. You can make maca root extract by boiling the roots then straining them. You can use this extract to supplement your diet or as an ingredient in recipes.

Ten Maca Root Benefits On Health

There is a range of maca benefits, including on male fertility. They are‌:

1. Better sexual health, libido, and sperm motility

The maca benefits for men are endless. Maca root’s most popular benefit is its ability to boost libido. Scientific evidence backs this claim.

A few examinations on Maca and sexual capacity observed that Maca might further develop sex drive. Notwithstanding, the researchers indicated that further examination is necessary.

Moreover, males with the erectile disorder (ED) could also benefit from maca root. Further, study members were men with mild ED. The maca root supplement resulted in a more significant increase in sexual health than the placebo.

Further, if a male experiences Dhat Syndrome, maca root benefits them.

The Dhat syndrome is a condition in which males believe they have pre-ejaculation and suffer from impotence. However, they urinate white seminal fluid.

Moreover, men with Dhat syndrome can also lead to sexual dysfunction, ED, or even experience low libido. In some cases, due to excessive semen discharge, they may experience infertility—however, maca root benefits on various sexual concerns.

Maca supplements can improve fertility. Further, studies have shown that maca supplements may increase sperm concentration (or the number per milliliter) in sperm. Also, male fertility is all about sperm concentration.

Since Maca root benefits men’s sexual health benefit and can effectively treat a range of disorders associated with Dhat syndrome, maca root is a practical Dhat ki Dawa. 

dry maca root benefits for men


2. A nutritional powerhouse

Maca is an excellent source of nutrition. Moreover, it’s an excellent fiber, protein, vitamin, and minerals source. Hence, this is one of the widespread maca extract benefits.


3. Maca may help improve your mood

It is rich in compounds that can balance your hormones and increase your well-being. Hence, maca benefits include improving your mood.


4. Improves cognitive function

Other maca root benefits include that it may improve your cognitive function. Moreover, it has compounds that can improve your focus and memory.

5. Skin benefits

Maca can be beneficial for your skin. Further, it is rich in nutrients that can help keep your skin healthy. Further, Maca benefits your skin by reducing the aging benefits and offers strength to your skin.

6. Maca root benefits on bone health

Maca may improve your bone health. Additionally, it is rich in nutrients to improve bone strength and density. Hence, maca extract benefits can benefit your bone health.

7. Heart health benefits

Maca can benefit heart health. In addition, it contains supplements that can assist with bringing down your blood pressure and further develop your heart wellbeing.

8. Boosting the immune system

The maca powder benefits your immune system. Additionally, it has nutrients that can boost your immune function.

maca powder benefits


9. Improving athletic performance by boosting energy levels

Maca root benefits include boosting athletic performance and energy levels. Bodybuilders and athletes use Maca to boost  their performance. Further, Black Maca is the most popular type of Maca. Moreover, some believe that it increases muscle mass, strength and energy levels, and overall performance.

Since maca roots boost better energy levels, you will exercise better, leading to weight loss.

10. Maca benefits women experiencing menopause

As per certain research, Maca can be beneficial for those going through menopause, as it may ease some of the symptoms like hot flashes and disturbed sleep.

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Maca Root Side Effects

Now that you know the maca root benefits, there are certain side effects associated with maca root. Some of them are:

  • Further, certain individuals might feel sickened or have an upset stomach.
  • People may get a rash, itching, or other allergic reactions to maca roots.
  • They might react with specific drugs. It is essential to examine your conditions with your primary care physician prior to taking them.

If you have these conditions, avoid consuming maca roots without consulting your doctor.

  • Breast, uterine or ovarian cancer
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Thyroid disease

Bottom Line

To build libido and enhance energy, you can add Maca to your eating regimen. The maca root benefits include fertility, sexual dysfunction, and effects on depression. However, more research is vital to confirm these benefits.

There is little information about the long-term and short-term side effects associated with Maca. Hence, it is ideal to ask your health care provider before you attempt consuming maca roots.

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