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Minimalist home: the essential elements for a refined place

Go for the minimalist home. This decorative style relies on soft colors and chosen and sought-after decorations. Discover the tips and tricks of our decorators. In addition, a unique shopping list to integrate this style into your home.

Minimalist home, the trend of the moment

The minimalist home is the new trend. This allows you to create a modern interior while playing on colors and decorative objects for a minimalist contemporary style.

Imposing furniture for a minimalist home

The decorative sofa

In your minimalist home, you can bet on essential furniture and little decoration. Go to the basics. Thus, you can choose a large designer sofa in neutral colors to create a unique and designer interior at home.

Choose a corner sofa, for example, which will take up space and bring you more comfort in your living room. You can add a few cushions, always in neutral shades, it is also possible to add a few touches of color such as blue or pale pink for example.

The imposing shelf in your living room

Furniture in your living room should be present and massive. For this, you can choose a pretty sideboard or a large shelf to bring that extra design touch. Bet on a raw wood shelf to contrast with the black and white present in your space. Conversely, you can accentuate the style by choosing white or black furniture.

You can arrange it at the level of your dining room for example. Add a large mirror above to give a sense of grandeur in your room. Add some simple decorations like candles or a few trinkets to complete the look.

The modern table

Choose a nice table in your dining room. Bet on colors like black, white or beige. You can also add a few touches of wood and choose a raw table for example. Add chairs with designer shapes and play with the mismatched for more originality.

The designer mirror

You can choose to have mirrors in your interior to make your space look bigger. To do this, bet on large designer mirrors that bring modernity to your space. Play with original shapes or bet on XXL mirrors if you have enough space.

You can also choose to place several mirrors on one wall as wall decorations. Thus, the set of mirrors makes it possible to enlarge the space and dress up your wall with this trick.

In your bedroom, this can make it possible to dress up an empty wall above a chest of drawers, for example. In your dining room, this allows you to enlarge the space.

Small clean objects

Which objects and how to integrate them?

  • Choose candles to put on your sideboards, chests of drawers or consoles.
  • Arrange your design figurines on your furniture in your living room, entrance hall or bedroom, for example.
  • Place a few vases on the floor to bring a touch of modernity to your minimalist home.
  • Think about the books to place on your shelves and bookcases.
  • Plants in small touches to bring a natural spirit into your minimalist home.

Objects to highlight

Choose a few accent items to show off on your furniture. For example, you can have several candles on your coffee tables, chest of drawers or sideboard. Bet on vases to place on your furniture, think of original shapes but stay on neutral colors such as white, beige, gray or black. Browse collections at Homary!

You can also arrange a few figurines on your shelves and add some succulents or cacti to complete the look. Be careful not to overload your decoration and stay on a minimalist style at home.

Soft household linen

Neutral curtains

Choose neutral curtains in soft colors to create a cocooning interior. You can also choose curtains that allow more light to pass through and help bring more softness to your minimalist home. In terms of color, you can stick with pastel colors or, for more sobriety, opt for white curtains that adapt to any interior.

The soft cushions

Arrange a few cushions on your sofa or armchairs. They provide comfort and add decoration. Bet on neutral colors or opt for pastel shades like blue or pastel pink.

For the material, choose cotton or materials that are soft to the touch. This brings comfort to your furniture.

The comfort blanket

Arrange a blanket on your sofa to make it more comfortable. On your armchair, you can opt for a plaid in a contrasting color that will highlight your seat.

It is also possible to place your plaid on your bed for more comfort. this allows you to create relief, you can add a few additional cushions to create a cocoon spirit in your room.

Soft colors for a minimalist home

The white paint

Choose white on your walls to create a neutral base. You can thus add more contrasting decoration without being afraid of mistakes in taste. Thus, you can paint your room entirely in white which will bring out your furniture and highlight your areas.

Beige for more softness

Choose to add touches of beige in your decoration. In effect, it cuts through some white and adds a bit of softness and warmth. You can thus choose to paint a wall in beige and leave the whole thing white. To bring some beige touches, you can choose to add some cushions or decorations in this shade.

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