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Natural Antibiotics for Tooth Infection

A tooth infection can be very painful, causing you to feel like your mouth is on fire when you eat or drink anything. You might not want to visit the dentist in this situation, but that could make things worse as you could end up needing an extraction if you don’t treat it right away. Instead of taking prescription antibiotics, which can have side effects and make it harder to fight off future infections, try some natural antibiotics first to see if they help with your tooth pain before visiting the dentist. That’s when pus starts forming and we need to act fast. When it comes to natural antibiotics for tooth infection.


A tooth can be infected in 3 different ways

endodontic (from inside tooth), periodontal (in a pocket), or pulp/periapical (at tip of root). Most people, though, refer to any infection as abscess. An abscess is caused by bacteria from mouth infections gathering and becoming too much for our body to handle.  you can use some home remedies like clove oil or oil pulling with neem or sesame oil.

See how NeemFusion did wonders on my toothache! Also, don’t forget to see your dentist if an infection gets worse! Don’t wait until it gets so bad that you start having pain in other parts of your body. My dentist says there are several factors that can cause teeth to become infected: gum disease, tooth decay, injury to gums or teeth and not flossing enough. For example, I had a bad habit of skipping flossing before bedtime which made me wake up with sensitive gums every morning but I fixed that problem using Oil Pulling Therapy! Another important thing about natural antibiotics for tooth infection is prevention: brush twice daily and avoid sweets! These simple things will keep your teeth healthy and strong enough to fight off most infections naturally.


Natural antibiotics to fight a tooth infection

If you have an infection in your tooth, your dentist opened on saturday near me will prescribe antibiotics. But there are also a number of natural antibiotics that can work just as well to fight against infection in your mouth. Follow these steps to get rid of tooth pain and start healing faster: eat more ginger, rinsing with salt water and applying essential oils to your gums.



Natural antibiotics, such as garlic, may help prevent and treat tooth infections. If you already have a tooth infection, try crushing up two cloves of garlic and placing them directly on your infected tooth. Apply pressure to keep it in place. Leave it there for at least 10 minutes. The longer you leave it on, the better! Garlic contains natural antibiotic properties that can kill off some common oral pathogens like streptococcus mutans—the main culprit behind many dental diseases like cavities and gum disease.



An effective natural antibiotic, cloves are particularly helpful in tooth infections. Get them wet and pack a small cotton ball with as many crushed cloves as possible. Apply to your tooth, cover with gauze, and leave overnight. Remove in morning, then rinse your mouth out with warm salt water several times a day until infection subsides. Be aware that since clove oil can irritate gums, it is best to dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil before application or use only diluted drops on very sensitive areas of your teeth or gums that are experiencing bleeding or redness.


Oregano oil

In a recent study published in Phytotherapy Research, scientists discovered that oregano oil was more effective than antibiotic drugs at killing off three strains of MRSA. In addition to fighting infection, oregano oil has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and is used as a treatment for allergies, arthritis and respiratory disorders. If you’re suffering from a tooth infection and don’t want to use antibiotics or over-the-counter pain relievers (as they can cause serious damage to your liver), try gargling with some diluted oregano oil. Use 5 drops of oregano oil per 1 cup of water and boil it before gargling.


Apple cider vinegar

This natural antibiotic is commonly used to treat yeast infections and can be used as a natural treatment for tooth infection. It does, however, taste terrible and can often cause side effects such as bad breath. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water until it’s mild enough to drink before you brush your teeth.

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