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Nicotine Free Tobacco Vape Pods: What You Need to Know

According to 2018 data from the CDC, somewhere around 8 million adults currently use vaping products in the United States.

It is likely that many who vape today started vaping because it was believed to be safer than smoking. However, while it was originally touted as a safer, healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, many vape products contain nicotine and other ingredients that have since come under intense scrutiny for their perceived harmful effects.

These are a few of them, and what you need to know if you’re on the search for nicotine-free tobacco vape pods.

On the Drawbacks of Nicotine
One aspect that has not changed about most vape juices is that they contain propylene glycol (PG), VG or vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and other flavorings.

Nicotine is frequently included because it is arguably the most addictive ingredient in traditional tobacco products. It has also traditionally not been seen as the chief harmful ingredient. Other carcinogenic constituents in tar are typically lambasted for that.

But nicotine is not “safe.” It is not only recognized as highly addictive but is believed to cause or aggravate a number of other conditions. According to the NCBI, nicotine may:

●Cause an increased risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, and GI disorders.
●Boost cell proliferation.
●Accelerate oxidative stress.
●Cause DNA mutations that can lead to cancer.

In light of these revelations, many who still wish to enjoy the vaping experience but also wish to avoid these potentially negative effects of nicotine seek nicotine-free tobacco vape pods.

However, there are other ingredients in some nicotine-free vape juices that are also recognized for their potentially harmful health effects, including the following.

Diacetyl is an artificial flavoring agent that is produced by LAB or lactic acid bacteria. It is often used to deliver a smooth, buttery, savory flavor.

While diacetyl is considered safe to ingest, when inhaled it is linked to a host of complications. Chronic exposure can cause permanent lung damage and scarring. One particular concern is a condition known as bronchiolitis obliterans, scarring of lung tissue that is also known as “popcorn lung.”

Vitamin E Acetate
Vitamin E acetate is often added to vape liquids as a thickening agent. It can be used either to make the liquid more or less viscous, which will influence how easily or completely it vaporizes, which will impact the quality of the clouds produced.

Unfortunately, vitamin E acetate is suspected of causing harm to the lungs of vapers. When vaporized and inhaled, this additive can cause the layers of the lung’s tissue to collapse. This can cause a range of complications ranging from shortness of breath to inflammation of the lungs.

Where Can You Get Nicotine-Free Tobacco Vape Pods That Also Don’t Contain These Other Potentially Harmful Ingredients?
While nicotine is recognized for its harmful effects, it is not the only ingredient that you should avoid in vape juices, or in pre-loaded disposable vapes.

Whether you’re looking to get into vaping as a way to quit smoking or are an experienced vaper that doesn’t want to give up the enjoyment of vaping but wants to avoid potentially harmful chemicals, there is an option for you: Cyclone Pods, online at CyclonePods.com.

Almost all of the vape juices for sale online at their website are nicotine-free, and none of them contain any diacetyl or vitamin E acetate. They are made in the U.S. with nothing but PG, VG, and some natural and artificial flavors.

Also, they’re available in a wide range of unique flavors. In addition to their tobacco-flavored vape juices with 0 nicotine, they also offer a number of other blends, including mint and blueberry. They also carry vape pens such as their Thunder device which is compatible with a pod system and available in fruity, refreshing, and classic flavors.

Visit their website via the link above for more information about getting started vaping with zero nicotine.

For more information about Non Nicotine Vape Pen and Mint Vape Juice Please visit: Cyclone Pods.

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