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How To Write An Engaging Personal Letter Format?


A personal letter writing format is a type of letter that deals with individuals’ matters which one communicates to the near and dear ones. It is longer than formal letters and short notices that serve as a means of official communications. Mostly it is handwritten and dispatched through postman in the form of hard copy. This kind of postmen service is used from time immemorial. Be careful about the personal letter pattern along with a detailed account of the personal letter format.

There are some important elements one should keep in mind when drafting a personal letter:

1 Write the full name address on the top right corner of the page. After this add the date of the composition right below the address.
2 Write the full name and address of the recipient right after the date of composition.
3 Add salutation before starting the main content using an endearment as per the recipient.
4 Additionally, write down a subject line to convey the key idea of the subject.
5 Write the introductory paragraph which includes the overview of the content subject.
6 Use short and to-the-point language to convey the core information behind the subject.
7 Before finishing the letter add a concluding paragraph to the main body of the letter.
8 Add the full name of the sender.

Key features of the personal letter

A personal letter takes longer than usual to compose and read since it includes the personal and deep emotions and life events of the writer itself. It is a fully-fledged art of writing that helps individuals to communicate every detail of the life that they go through. It deals with the issues that require attention more than a minute.

Personal letters aim at strengthening the relationship between different members of the family and friends. For that, the writer uses beautiful and emotive language that indulges the reader deeply in the written words. Both the person sets off on an excursion of past life and shared memories which include anecdotes and beautiful events.

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It pricks the conscience of the reader and purges the subdued feelings in a relaxing way. The personal letters are often informal but are well thought out in the language and content. The reader cannot resist reading it again and again, mulling over it, responding to it, saving it, and keeping it as a treasure of memory.

After knowing the importance of the personal letters we must understand the proper structure of the composition. We have mentioned the steps of personal letter format in the following points.

1) Write the full name and address of the writer: write the full name and address of the writer on the top left corner of the page with proper spellings and a clear address.
2) Date of composition: write the date of the composition right below the name and address of the composer with a space of one row.
3) Write the full name and address of the reader: write the full name and address of the receiver right after the date which is also with a space of one row.
4) Add proper greetings and salutations: start the main body of the letter with the proper use of greeting and endearing words. Dear is the most accepted and widely used word of endearment.
5) Add a subject line if needed that may outline the whole subject of the letter.
6) Write an introductory paragraph before delving into the main body of the subject.
7) Write a concluding paragraph before abruptly finishing the whole letter.
8) Add a signing-off note with the proper thanking.
9) Write the first name or full name of the sender and put your signature.

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