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As technology continues to dominate the world, the growth of ‘smart devices’ in conjunction with digital isation is increasingly having more impact in society. With growth and opportunity across multiple industries, the UK government has announced the ‘Road To Zero’ strategy to tackle the global demand of interconnectivity.

A long-term project to transition to zero-emission road transportation to move the future into electric energy, businesses such as supermarkets, shopping centres, car parks are already implementing EV charging infrastructure to become more accessible to consumers, and with it, grow customer confidence and positive awareness to make the move from petrol to electric vehicles. 

Why is secure connectivity needed in EV chargers?

Reliable connection between the EV charge unit and the network is critical for the business to be able to allow monitoring, performance, maintenance, install software updates and take payments in real-time from remote locations.

But with the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches, Wi-Fi connection to the EV chargers is not a viable option for public charging units due to weak security and control. The solution is IoT SIM cards, which handles crucial customer data and payment information securely, and ensures that much needed reliability and flexibility for businesses. 

Businesses embracing EV chargers are increasingly using Cellular IoT connectivity (CIoT) due to the durable benefits it brings, and the cost-effective production of delivering connectivity to charging units. Every charging unit has an embedded IoT SIM, which can connect to a central management portal to provide real-time data and notifications to an end-users smartphone, such as duration of charge and how many miles are left until charge, despite the cables being accidently disconnected or removed. Making it a reliable and secure choice for businesses spearheading EV chargers. 

What is the solution?

The positive benefits of CIoT have seen its fast progression and development. With its reliable, secure and flexible connection whether in a remote car park or a busy environment, connectivity is ensured whatever the setting. 

Its capacity to connect to the strongest network makes it a superior choice for businesses looking to capture data and optimise effectiveness.

IoT SIM provider, Ritesim is of the belief that powering EV charging units with Multi-Network SIMs provides the unit with higher-quality connection and place their own Virtual Private Network (VPN) to further improve a secure connection to the EV charger. 

Ritesim incorporates this feature for clients and connects the charging unit to a data-centre for accessibility and ease of use. 

It does this seamlessly by giving each SIM card that is given a Fixed Static Private IP address and added protection through a firewall to ensure access to only the necessary internet services which are required.

It’s also possible to use a steered network, especially when a device is remaining in a pre-selected location of where specific networks have superior connectivity. A good service provider is going to be able to offer its services and give guidance on what works best for each unique business case.

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