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Pros and Cons of Gaming Computer Build Kit

When it comes to getting a new PC, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are so many PCs out there with different aesthetics, strengths, parts, and specs. It can be tough to know which one is right for your specific needs. That’s why some people decide to get a gaming computer build kit. But is that the right option for you?

What is a Gaming Computer Build Kit?
Gaming computer build kits are for people new to building PCs who may not know where to start. They include all the parts you’d need to build your own PC but without the confusion of purchasing all the pieces separately. They usually include the PC components you’ll need as well as in-depth instructions and some tools for assembly.

Pros of a Gaming Computer Build Kit
If you are looking to build your own PC, this may be the right choice for you if you’re a bit new to it all. Gaming computer build kits gather all the parts for you so you don’t have to worry about grabbing all the different components online and hoping they’ll work together as intended. They are also often geared towards a specific desire, like streaming or gaming, so they will include parts that will improve your experience. It’s also a great learning tool that lets you feel accomplished by putting it together yourself while learning how building a PC works.

Cons of a Gaming Computer Build Kit
The major con of a kit is actually the same as the major pro – all of the pieces are there. While convenient, there is a lack of customization compared to building a PC from scratch. If you wanted an upgraded graphics card or more storage, you’d have to buy some components separately.

Another con is, well, it takes work. This is expected, of course, but some people prefer to just get a premade PC that’s ready to set up.

Gaming Computer Build Kit vs. Buying a PC
Buying a PC that’s already all put together means it was tested by professionals, which can ease your mind a bit if you’re new to building PCs on your own. It will basically work the moment you open it up. You also avoid some costly purchases like GPUs, which can be hard to find on their own sometimes.

A gaming computer build may be preferable, however, if you want the satisfaction of putting it together yourself. It also lets you understand how your PC works a bit more, meaning you may see individual parts you want to upgrade with ease. This allows for easier customization in the long run. CLX’s line of customizable computers can be upgraded before purchasing! You will also have a closer bond with a PC you built. It’s something you can be proud of and something that you took time to create.

Gaming Computer Build Kit vs. Building a PC From Scratch
While building a PC on your own is the most versatile option, it’s often the most expensive. Custom built PCs often cost thousands and thousands of dollars. They also take a long time to build, including searching for all the parts, researching which ones work best, and building it without instructions.

When you buy a kit, you usually save a lot of money since it’s sort of a bundle in a way. You still get the satisfaction of putting the PC together yourself without the stress of looking for all the parts, some of which are hard to find and pricey. Kits also come with detailed instructions that are for the specific parts you ordered.

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