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Replacing Your Ruger Bolt Knob and Handle? Here’s How

The Ruger American series of centerfire rifles are some of the most popular in the industry, as are Ruger’s Ranch Rifles and the Ruger Precision Rifle.

The Ruger American, for instance, with its Marksman Adjustable Trigger, short, 70° bolt throw, and cold hammer-forged barrel is designed for precision, long-distance shooting over optics.

But these rifles, like many others, are blank slates that can be customized to the needs of each individual shooter – which is even more practical through the help of Anarchy Outdoors.

Let’s start with the Ruger bolt knob and handle – why would you want to replace these in the first place, and how can you do it?

Why Replace the Ruger Bolt Handle and Knob?
While the factory bolt knob and handle on a Ruger American Rifle are not technically angled forward, the ergonomics of the bolt require shooters to leave the grip and reach forward to run the bolt.

For shooters that prefer the fluid motion of running the bolt with their index knuckle, the factory bolt is neither ergonomic nor practical.

Anarchy Outdoors’ bolt handle upgrades are angled slightly backward, making it easier to instinctively grab and cycle the bolt without needing to reach forward.

In addition, their replacement bolt handles feature 5/16”x 24 TPI designs that are compatible with a wide range of Ruger bolt knob replacements that Anarchy Outdoors also sells.

Their Ruger bolt knobs are available in a number of colors and patterns which can add a little color and personality to a rifle – but on the practical side, they improve the bolt knob’s texture and ergonomics, making it easier to engage and disengage the bolt knob and cycle the action.

Installing a Ruger Bolt Handle and Knob
Perhaps the best part of Anarchy Outdoors’ Ruger bolt knobs and handles is that they require no modifications and are extremely easy to install.

Replacing the bolt handle and knob for either the American or Precision is the same basic, straightforward process.

Open the rifle’s action, ensuring that the firearm is unloaded. With the action open, depress the bolt release, located at the rear left upper hand side of the receiver. With the bolt release depressed, slide the bolt backward out of the action.

Rotate the bolt shroud so that the firing pin lines up with the back of the bolt handle in order to remove the shroud. Using a firing pin removal tool (also available online at Anarchy Outdoors), decompress the firing pin, turn it a quarter turn, and slide it out.

With the firing pin removed, the handle will slide right out.

To replace the Ruger bolt handle, simply reverse the steps you took to disassemble it, replacing the bolt handle with your new model, ensuring that the slots in the replacement bolt handle face the front of the gun during reassembly. Then reinsert the firing pin and bolt shroud before replacing the bolt knob.

To add a new Ruger bolt knob onto your upgraded Ruger bolt handle, simply thread one of the compatible models onto the threads of the handle.

This leaves you with an upgraded, fully customized bolt.

Where Can You Learn More?
Interested in learning more about upgrades you can make to your Ruger rifles? Visit Anarchy Outdoors online today or get in touch with them at [email protected] or by phone at 833-980-0333.

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