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Sasha Rodoy exposes the NHS and the GMC: Story of a Jew Entrepreneur

We investigated and found some shocking info about Sasha Rodoy after a flurry of articles have appeared criticizing her online insults of Mecca, Haj & Islam on the occasion of Eid. The backlash came from all local communities in the UK who found this to be disrupting the peace. Tons of complaints happened, giving her what she wanted- publicity and serving her purpose to flourish her online business- a business of making money by creating hatred.

We undertook fact-finding about her:

  1. Sasha Rodoy is a rich member of the Jew community from London.
  2. She has a history in trading and realized earlier on that in the UK,
  3. To make big money, private eye surgeries are the highest paid and if she can have a network to extort money from surgeons, she can make a lot of money, as surgeons are meek & always vulnerable to fake complaints, a topic in its own self for the next post.

 Making most of Digital MediaTo get publicity and be known to the people, she hired a good web team who kept her presence high via presence on highly volatile topics outside the UK which would quickly get high on the rankings of Google and at the same time, be safe from the UK legal issues.

Misusing the Power of the Press

There still was one missing bit, which was the need for good press support for plans inside the UK and to package her deeds clean, before she could make big money. This place was filled in by her partner, Nicola Dowling, who is also possibly from the Jew community.  Nicola Dowling is a radio journalist with amazingly strong press connections which are now believed to be Sasha Rodoy’s extortion business’s backbone. It keeps her a star in all leading news dailies.

Examples of topics published in news even include a dog biting Sasha Rodoy and her standing outside an eye clinic, besides fake news of her having vision issues despite her being perfectly fine.

Sasha’s unique way of Extortion

Sasha Rodoy, with a degree in marketing and psychology, developed a unique modus operandi. She started approaching clinics offering marketing services, pitching her unique modus. She would not promote their clinic but covertly go after and destroy their main competitors- how- simple!!

In today’s internet world, it was easy to find at least a couple of patients for any clinic that has posted a less than 4-star review. Sasha Rodoy would contact these patients, and offer them the possibility of making millions of pounds in compensation if they followed her plan. She then coaches them on
– what to say,
– what to write, and
– what to post on social media and to the press.

Multi-Prong Attack Strategy

She then gets an agreement signed and takes the power of attorney of the case, and then files false cases against clinics. These are complaints that in most cases are one word against another and things that neither easily be proved right or wrong, but can easily be lied about. Sasha has a panel of lawyers and would cleverly file cases in the compensation courts in the lawyer’s name, to the CQC in the patient’s name, and to the General Medical Council in her own name as she is well connected to the GMC. The medical council prefers the patient’s word in most cases and poor vision can easily be faked.

Sasha was taken head-on by some clinics and in one of the hearings with Optical Express, she admitted to charging one eye clinic for web expenses & money. It is but obvious that she was also receiving commissions in the final payouts.

Why Target Laser Eye Surgeons

Laser Eye surgeons have very high insurance cover, a fact exploited by Sasha Rodoy’s gang. She puts pressure on the insurance firms to make heavy payouts as settlements rather than fight the court cases and pressurizes doctors to push their insurers. To ice the cake, her media and web teams kick in and publish all kinds of fake stuff about the doctors and their personal details, blackmail them easily with the fear of massive defamation and give up without resistance. She then provokes the clinic owners by writing about their personal details online including even about their love affairs, cars they drive, houses they own, places they visit, and sports they play. She then finds their social media contacts, friends, and family and writes to all of them about the fake allegations, so as to put maximum pressure on the clinics to settle or face the online personal defamation attacks.

Multi-Million Payouts

An average payout is around half a million to £2 million. Almost all are settled out of court and ironically, in almost all, the patient is paid peanuts. Many patients have mentioned in our investigation that they were contacted repeatedly by Sasha Rodoy and her team by various names, asking them to give false statements, if they wanted to make quick money.

Deep inroads in the GMC

Most of the doctors targeted are Asians or Africans, including Chinese. Complaints to the GMC are done by Sasha Rodoy and Nicola Dowling and the case is always registered if the complaint is against a BAME doctor. Sasha Rodoy is so well connected to the GMC’s legal team & shows off her flamboyant lifestyle, we were told. A lot is available on this online.

Online Bullying Strategy

She has named websites against all major eye chains like Optical Express (ruined my life), Optimax (ruined my sight), Accuvision, Advanced vision care. Interestingly, we also found out that there are two particular clinics & two laser eye surgeons, that Sasha praises as the Gods of laser surgery, despite her claiming to be against laser eye surgery.

Sasha Rodoy – The Frank Abagnale of UK?

Sasha is smart like Frank Abagnale (Catch me if you can), to escape the UK authorities by saying that she runs a charity and a fundraiser for helping patients and also claims to have a company. The charity commissions and the fundraiser regulators have confirmed that none of Sasha Rodoy’s charities or fundraisers are registered. Nor is there any company registered in her name.


Fraud Charities and Titles like MBE

Sasha Rodoy fraudulently writes the title of MBE which she is not at all. As can be seen online, a huge amount of Sasha’s income is invested in her PR via hate speeches and campaigns. In reality, she is not even helping any other Jew member or community but is just a polished hate monger, who knows how to make money by the cat, mouse, and cheese.


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