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Shower Standing Handle

Shower handles that stand up can increase the safety of those who requires physical support to stand or move around in the tub or shower. A handle to provide stability and pull or push to move around can lead to less chance of falling or falling in the shower when the floor is slippery and risky. They are beneficial for those with disabilities or elderly adults who are losing physical strength and balance.As we age, small tasks that we used to do without thinking about become a hassle. Certain chores could be quite dangerous as we get older. Showering or bathing is one of these chores. According to an study conducted by CDC in 2008, of the incidents of non-fatal injuries to the bathroom that were recorded during 200837.3 percent of the injuries were sustained while showering, bathing, or taking a bath or shower.

Choosing the Correct Shower Standing Handles

To clarify to be clear, the term “shower” refers to any type of handle that can be used “standing” handle here is any handle that is able to shift from a sitting to a standing position. It could include handles of various sizes based on the dimensions of the shower and the capabilities and limitations of the user. Handles like this are often referred to for their grab bars. They can be used to move from a seated position to another, the location they’re placed on the wall of the shower determines the way they’re used and we’ll be focusing specifically at standing, i.e. shifting from a sitting position to standing as opposed to moving from a seated position to a seated one (wheelchair into shower chairs, for instance). In the latter case scenario, something similar to shower transfer benches coupled with low-level grab bars would work the best. The same principles are applicable to standing handles just as they apply to grab bars, but.Read also about:carpet in dubai

What Is the Best Size for a Shower Handle?

Grab bars or shower handles are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 9 to 42 inches. A grab bar placed on the wall of the shower to aid in getting in or out of the shower must have at least inches in length. A bar this is this large can be positioned at an angle. This can be beneficial for people of different heights are using the bar or it is going to be used from seated and standing positions . A grab bar designed to be more of an aid to balance can be smaller, but not less than 12 inches long.

What is the Correct Height for a Shower Handle?

There isn’t a standard size for grab bars or shower rails. However, it is recommended that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design suggests certain sizes that are followed by commercial and institutional facilities as well as institutions.For grab bars that are horizontal The ADA Standards require a height between 33 and 36 inches away from the floor that is finished of the shower, bathroom or bathtub. Make use of this as a reference However, it is important to choose an appropriate height for the person who is going to be using the bar. One good way to work out prior to making the bar is to ask the person who will to be using the bar to get in to and out of shower. The person should think that he/she is dizzy or tired and then try to determine the places he/she naturally turn to for assistance. This will provide you with a clear idea of where you should place the bar. Read also about:round carpets dubai

Should Grab Bars be Vertical or Horizontal?

Based on the South Canterbury District Health Board Hand rails are used to provide security in and out of showers must have a vertical. The bottom of the grip should be at the level of your elbow when you are standing with your arms by your sides. Horizontal rails are better to aid in balance while sitting within the bath. The horizontal rails must be put on the same side of the shower’s wall, at the belly button’s height. The rail is useful while standing in the shower, as well as when entering the shower.

How Much Weight Will a Grab Bar Hold?

Grab bars must be able to support 250 pounds. Fixed grab bars that are properly mounted can do this. Grab bars that are removable cannot be guaranteed to support this much weight.When choosing a grab bar, it is recommended to select one that is ADA compatible. The ADA requires that grab bars be capable of supporting a weight that is 500lbs. It is important to determine whether this is required in the case of the person who is using it.

Moen 24” Bathroom Handle

The Moen 24 inch Bathroom Handle is elegant and of high-end quality. It is constructed of stainless steel, and will be a perfect match to the decor of many bathrooms. The concealed screws give it a stylish appearance. If installed correctly, it can support up to 500 pounds. It comes with the SecureMount design , but the SecureMount and studs aren’t included.

Invisia Grab Bars – Great for Tubs

Invisia produces high-end (and therefore more expensive) shower handles that are more expensive. It’s one of their strengths, and they can do it right and that means they’re not only durable, but they also look good. If you require a shower handle that will be used for tub use, as well they have some that fit around the faucet’s control and within the soap dish, and they also have toilet paper holders for making it easier to get on and off the toilet easily.Moen’s flip-up bathroom grab Bar is perfect for homes where people with different ages share bathrooms. It can be easily removed when no longer needed and can be set up to go in a snap for those who do require it. It is ADA compatible and can support up to 300lbs. It measures 30 inches in length and measures 1.25 inches.

Gotega Two Pack Shower Grab Bar

This Gotega Two Pack Shower Grab Bar is perfect for installing a bathroom for an elderly person who will require several support handles. The bars measure 12 inches in length and have an overall dimension that is .98 inches. These stainless steel bar are able to support 500 pounds or more. Screws and flanges are also included to make the installation simple and easy.

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