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Spark plugs: what are they for and when should I change them?

Want to know everything about the spark plug? So you are in the right place. In today’s article, I will explain what this part is and how important it is for the car.

What is the function of the spark plug?

The car’s spark plugs are responsible for creating the spark inside the combustion chamber, that is, it explodes the fuel and air mixture, pushing the piston down and moving the car. It is important to remember that spark plugs work in extreme conditions, so we have to be careful to know when to change them.

Remaining worn spark plugs can cause some problems in the vehicle, such as difficulties when starting, performance below expectations, the idle speed will be unregulated and fuel consumption will be much higher. Therefore, understanding what to do to keep them in good working order is a way to preserve the proper functioning of the car.

How many km spark plug lasts

Car spark plugs are usually changed every 50,000 or 60  km, but they should be checked every 10,000  km. If you want to know more about the moment to change the engine spark plugs, the topic below deals exclusively with that.

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When to change car spark plugs

It is recommended that spark plugs be analyzed every 10,000 kilometers driven. The exchange period may vary from one car to another, but normally it should not exceed 40 or 50 thousand kilometers driven.

In the manual of each car, the precise interval for changing the spark plug is indicated.

How to know if the spark plug is good

If the spark plug is grey, yellowish or brown, it means its life is nearing the end. To know if it is charred, just see if the tip is covered in charcoal.

Now, if you think the spark plug is overheating, check to see if the tip of the insulator is whitish or has some black spots on the surface. Also don’t forget to check the spark plug thread, because if it’s damaged it means there was excess torque when the person put it in place. And also pay attention to the ceramic insulator, as the piece cannot contain any cracks.

How to make spark plugs last longer

The spark plug electrodes have natural wear over time, but what most affects the lifespan is the adjustment of the parameters that feed it. Other faulty parts can also damage the car part.

The spark plug will be charged if there is wear on the rings or by defective valve seals. The vehicle owner will have to clean the spark plugs frequently if he does not have his car overhauled.

Cold or hot candle. What is the best?

It is not right to install spark plugs with a different heat grade than recommended. If it is too hot, it will increase the temperature in the vehicle’s chamber, leaving the engine exposed to the risk of melting or having very serious problems. If the plug installed is too cold, the performance will deteriorate, but this can come in handy if the car is passed over to alcohol or has some preparation.

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