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Study Cost in Canada: A Comprehensive Overview

Today, Canada is a popular destination when it comes to higher studies. The country has some renowned universities offering varieties of graduate and postgraduate programmes. Similarly, the expense of studying and living in Canada is also comparatively less than other first-world countries. Requirement for Canada study visa is another area where the country offers a little leverage than others.

With all this being said, it’s essential to know the cost breakdown of studying in Canada. This article provides a complete outline of where and how much money you have to spend.

  • Tuition Fee

Canada has both public and private universities, which autonomously decide their fees. The main factors on which the tuition fee depends are – the course you are studying, whether it’s a graduate or undergraduate programme and if you are a home or international student. There are various scholarships programmes available that can waive off a portion of the tuition fee a student needs to pay.

As an international student, the average total cost for most bachelor’s degree courses ranges from 10 lakh INR to 35 lakh INR. For a master’s degree, the average cost is almost similar to undergraduate degrees. Most expensive are the medical, management, and engineering programs, and studying business or social sciences are comparatively lower. The cost of Ph.D. programs somewhere lies between the graduation and post-graduation courses.

  • Visa & Application

A Canadian student permit is a must for living and studying in Canada. It serves as the student visa for the duration of a candidate’s stay. All the requirements for a Canada study visa have to be fulfilled, and a one-time cost of around 13,000 INR needs to be paid. While you finish your education, you can apply for Canada post-study work visa. If approved, this will enable you to stay and work in Canada. 

The application fee and processes of different Canadian universities vary. Typically it depends on the course you have opted for and the country you belong. For international students, it is a one-time cost of about 11,000 INR. But besides the university application fee, you would also need to spend and appear for an English language exam like the IELTS or TOEFL. 

  • Living Cost

The living cost in Canada as a student can be subjective. Whether you live on your own or get accommodation on the university campus, the expense can vary a lot. Your living cost might be a part of your tuition fee, in case you are accommodated inside your college campus. With an appropriate scholarship, a portion of this can be waived. For students planning to live on their own, costs can go as high as 4 to 5 lakh INR per year. It mainly incorporates your basic amenities like food, communication, transport, and entertainment. 

  • Health & Taxes

Just like the mandatory requirement for a Canada study visa, students also need to get medical insurance before starting their course. The insurances for international students in Canada range between 35,000 INR to 70,000 INR. Coming to taxes, Indian students who work while pursuing a graduation or post-graduation program are taxed on their incomes. Moreover, the government can also tax your scholarship or financial assistance from your institution. The best option is to take up a part-time job that can slightly help with your day-to-day expenses.


To conclude, studying in Canada is not relatively cheap but it’s not too expensive either. The approximate cost per year counts in tens of lakhs or even more. It’s always advised to seek financial advice and be updated on information regarding the requirement for a Canada study visa, and put together an overview before going forward with your international education.

Reason for Expenditure Cost (in INR)
Tuition Fee 10,00,000 – 35,00,000
Application 11,000
Visa & Permit 13,000
English Language Exam (IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/etc.) 15,000 (approx.)
Living Cost 4,00,000 – 5,00,000
Health Insurance 35,000 – 70,000
Total 14,74,000 – 41,10,000 (approx.)

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