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What are Karaoke Clubs?

Karaoke clubs are nightclubs where DJs play your favorite songs and show videos of your favorite stars. The definition of a karaoke club is basically a place where you can have fun and enjoy a drink; good food and lots of music and dancing. Unfortunately,...

Voice Training – Every serious singer should sing karaoke

"Karaoke... it's a game for collectors and drinkers. I take my music very seriously and would never perform in a karaoke club." Would you be surprised to learn that many licensed professionals use karaoke to keep their performances going when they're not on the...

Teach yourself to learn to sing

Singing is generally enjoyed by all. If you’re a human, you probably like singing and music. The problem is that we let our own thinking dominate. Some would rather treat injuries or loss than sing to the crowd. However, if you are serious about...