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Common Misconceptions about Land Surveying from Survey Companies in Calgary

Calgary has a booming housing market, making it a hotspot for residents, investors, and property developers. Fortunately, if you are interested in buying a house or building properties, you can easily find survey companies in Calgary to help you with your projects. When handling land...

5 Things You Should Learn About Land Surveying Services in Calgary

According to the Calgary real estate board, the real estate market is booming due to the increase in demand versus supply, a beautiful surprise to property owners. So, to reap the fruits of your investment, it's time to put your Calgary property on the market...

Deploying LiDAR To Provide Geomatics Services

Geomatics services rely on a number of technologies. As the newer technologies undergo innovation and development, the area of geomatics adapts itself to the new technology. These tools have been imperative in developing and improving the geomatic processes in projects around the world. With their ability...