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The Real Difference Between Pre Built and Custom Gaming Computers

You know you need to invest in a high-quality gaming computer if you want to play your favorite games without being bothered by constant FPS drops or unending load times. More importantly, you want to make sure your rig will continue to offer reliable...

What Does High-End Gaming Computer Mean In 2022?

The term “high-end” is something a lot of people throw around when talking about their favorite thing. As someone pointed out to me the other day, it serves the same purpose as “military-grade” in terms of marketing: it sounds cool so it must be...

4 Weirdest Cyberpunk 2077 Side Quests

Since its release, Cyberpunk 77 has been mired in controversy, especially around performance issues and the fact that, for being a AAA game, the title felt unfinished. However, there is a lot to like about the game, especially if you're a fan of the...