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The Kershaw Dividend: What Sets This Kershaw Pocket Knife Apart

Need a new Kershaw pocket knife that breaks the mold? Consider the Kershaw Dividend, one of the most impressive Kershaw pocket knives we’ve seen in years. Here’s what it has to offer. SpeedSafe Assisted Opening This is a mid-sized folding knife, perfect for everyday carry; it’s...

Is the CS Recon Tanto in SK-5 the Ultimate Cold Steel Tanto Knife?

For one reason or another, the appeal of the classic tanto has been totally taken over by many knifemakers and the design of traditional tanto blades has been worked into everything from modern interpretations of this Japanese icon all the way to modern tactical...

Folding Pocket Knife Steel: Hardness, Toughness, and Corrosion-Resistance

Whether you’re getting your first folding pocket knife or your fiftieth, now is a good time to learn a little bit more about steel. The truth is, the steel used in the creation of a folding pocket knife is the number one determinant of its...