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Dental Marketing Tips: Incorporating Your Investment in 3D Cone Beam Dental Systems

If you’ve recently made the investment in cone beam (CBCT) technology, you and your staff will likely be eager to start using your new equipment. With time and proper training, a 3D cone beam dental system can be a valuable asset to your practice....

Why Does My Dental Practice Need an Intraoral Scanner?

If your practice is considering making the switch from traditional impressions to intraoral scanning, you are not alone. Over the past decade, intraoral scanners have become more affordable, expanding the benefit to more and more dental and dental specialist practices. Intraoral scanners, which use light...

Dental Professionals Guide to Intraoral Scanners

Over the past decade, intraoral scanners have been a major innovation in dentistry, evolving the process and efficiencies of traditional impressions. With that innovation have come more options than ever before for taking digital impressions. By now, you may be aware of the benefits offered...