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Men’s Dress Shoe: Common Details

For so many unfamiliar with the fine details of men’s footwear, “men’s wingtip shoes” suffices to describe any sort of dress shoe that isn’t a boot. Except that isn’t very accurate at all. Too many consumers use terms like these interchangeably when they shouldn’t. We’re here...

Should You Design Your Own Shoes?

Having your shoes custom-made might sound like a quaint idea or something that only wealthy people can afford. After all, popular shoe companies have made a great effort to create a wide variety of models that fit every occasion and are ready to wear. Mass...

The Real Reason Your Custom Dress Shoes Should Be Stored with Shoe Trees Every Day

Shoe trees might seem like the sort of footwear accessory that only the stuffy elite would use, but they’re not. Much as you should condition your leather shoes from time to time, you should always keep your high-end shoes stored with a pair of...