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How to Choose a Reliable Geomatics Survey Consultants

When it comes to land surveying in Calgary, the term may be entirely new for you if you are unfamiliar with property development. Most people do not realize the necessity of a land surveying consultant until they require one for their project. Land surveying is...

Are Geomatic Services Still Important Today?

Many individuals have heard of geomatics technology but are unaware of its significance in real life. However, Geomatics, often recognized as land surveying, is a well-established concept, and many geomatics experts are now practicing as professional land surveyors. Geomatics is an innovative land surveying approach...

RPR 101: Are Real Property Reports Still Relevant in Calgary?

As per the mandate coming from the Real Estate Council of Alberta, as long as you have a real estate transaction, RPR is an inevitable necessity. The same rules and regulations apply in Calgary since the city is within the jurisdiction of the prairie...