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Diacetyl: What Is It, and Why You Don’t Want It in Your Nicotine-Free Melon Pods

First vapes made headlines for being a safer alternative to cigarettes. Then vapes made headlines for not being a safe alternative to cigarettes, at least when they contained nicotine. Then vapes made headlines for a number of other additives, such as vitamin E acetate and...

Where To Buy Popular Nicotine-Free Pod Vapes

The availability of nicotine-free pod vapes is one of the nicest things about vaping. There's a nicotine-free vape pod out there for everyone, no matter what their personality or choice is. When it comes to fruity flavors, you'll have no problem finding what you're...

How to Shop for Your Own Zero Nicotine E Cig

If you are on a mission to stop smoking cigarettes or to stop vaping with nicotine, a zero nicotine e cig could be a great option for you. Get started vaping the way that you want by finding the perfect setup to match your...