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Terminology and Rules Used in Texas Hold’em


It means you increase your stake by betting the first chip in each betting round.

You can bet more than the blind bet. If the blinds are $1/$2, you can bet at least $1 pre-flop and flop, and at least $2 after turn and river cards.


It is a stake that refers to the stacked chips that have been bet.

Pot is a pile of chips bets by all players in a game, meaning the stake in the current game.


Blind means placing the number of chips in the pot equal to the number of blinds or earlier bets or raises.

If more than one player placed a bet ahead of you, chips equal to the sum of their bets are placed in the pot.


It means calling a bet and placing an additional bet to make the pot bigger.

At the start of the game, all players collect their entities in a pot and are dealt two hand cards. In this state, the first bet is placed, called a preflop bet.


It means giving up the pot without paying any chips.

If you think you are unlikely to win, it is the smartest way to forgo the round with all of your bets in the pot and fold.


It means passing your betting turn without paying a chip.

Check is used when there is no intention to bet. A check can only be made in a betting round in which no bets have taken place, and if all players have checked, the next round is moved on.

Small blinds

It means the first bet made mandatory for the activation of the board.

As you raise twice the amount of the ante, the player to the left of the dealer will be the first to bet twice the amount of the ante when the first betting round begins preflop. That is, if the ante is $1, raise $2.

Big blind

It means the second bet made mandatory for the activation of the board.

As you raise twice the amount of the small blind, the player following the small blind is obliged to raise twice the amount of the small blind. After going through the small/big blind, other players can call or raise, and if there is no raise in the pre-flop, the player in the big blind will check and look at the flop card.

 Side pot

It means a separately managed pot to distinguish between players whose chips are less than their current betting chips.

If there is a player who has fewer chips than the current bet amount, bets with more chips than the current bet are managed separately in a separate pot called a side pot. If the player who lacks chips wins, the main pot equal to the amount he or she bets on wins, and the 2nd player wins the side pot.


Refers to a certain amount of chips that are obligatory to pay in order to participate in a game.

When a new round starts, all players automatically bet the same amount of ante. The first pot is formed by the ante, so you must pay an ante to receive a hand card.


Based on the betting order, bets are placed in a clockwise direction from the left based on the dealer’s position.

The dealer is free to choose his or her strategy according to the situation as it bets at the end of the round. That’s why, in each hand, one player turns clockwise to take over as the dealer.

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