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The Advantages of Super Duplex Valves

Super Duplex Valves are made up of Nickel Chrome Alloy and have high resistance to corrosion and oxidation in high temperature applications. The products are highly durable and can withstand extremely high pressures as well as frequent usage. Since the materials used in the making of these valves are not prone to bacterial activity, they can be used in pharmaceutical applications too. The manufacturing process of these valves also uses less energy which makes them highly efficient and cost-effective in the long run as well.

Wear Resistance

Duplex valves are made from two different alloys, usually between cobalt chromium and nickel chromium. These materials make for a hard yet flexible material that’s resistant to corrosion and wear. In fact, duplex valves generally have a very long lifespan—easily 50 years or more with proper care. The advantage to longevity is that you won’t have to repair or replace your valve for decades and can rest easy knowing it won’t leak at any point in time. Valve manufacturers often mention wear resistance as an important feature, as well as corrosion resistance which means these valves are essentially immune to damage over time and will maintain their integrity despite repeated use.

Corrosion Resistance

The super duplex valves are more resistant to corrosion than other duplex valves. They resist stress-corrosion cracking and pitting. These valves have been tested for more than 10,000 hours in seawater service with no observed signs of degradation. Other super duplex grades are manufactured as seamless tubes and fittings, but they also can be cold formed or welded. The welded alloys are designed to provide greater resistance to stress corrosion cracking when subjected to certain conditions. Their primary use is in severe service applications where corrosive attack is expected.

Thermal Resistance

The best forged eye bolt for a variety of materials and applications. Because duplex is double-strength stainless steel, it resists cracking better than other grades and has excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, making it a good option in harsh environments. It’s also highly resistant to high temperatures, which makes it ideal for components that will be exposed to extreme heat, like exhaust headers or parts subject to friction or pressure. Plus, duplex bolts are easy to manipulate with wrenches since they have low amounts of nickel that lend them ductility; they’re also easier to weld than many other types of stainless steel. Duployan refers to super duplex forged eye bolt as Super Alloy.

High Temperature Operation

A duplex forged eye bolt can withstand up to 400 degree Celsius. If a bolt is exposed to high temperatures, it will be prone to corrosion and its lifespan will also be shortened. High temperature applications are typically in reactors, vessels, chemical process equipment and catalytic converters where corrosion can cause expensive repairs. To reduce risk of corrosion in these applications make sure that you use forged eye bolts like these. These bolts are highly resistant to attack by sulfuric acid, chlorides, salt spray or other chemical compounds found in hot environments.

Abrasion Resistance

The forging method for duplex valves is easier and much more efficient than that for stainless steel. The super duplex material can be forged at room temperature, allowing it to be shaped with simple tools rather than requiring expensive high-pressure equipment. This makes production faster and less expensive, so duplex valves cost less than similar stainless steel valves. Additionally, super duplex forged eye bolt are better able to withstand abrasion than other valve materials thanks to their hardness and durability. When considering whether or not you need a threaded eye bolt , opt for a duplex material.

Higher Yield Strength

The duplex forged eye bolt have a yield strength of 230 ksi, which is much greater than that of ASTM A193 Grade B (180 ksi), DIN 17157 Gr.A (160 ksi) and JIS H40NiCrMo17-1 (130 ksi). This feature contributes to higher tensile strength as well. The duplex steel bolts from KET supply these eye bolts at lowest possible prices.

Magnetic Properties.

The manufacturing method used to produce super duplex alloys is different than that used to produce conventional duplex alloys. The result is a material with increased strength and toughness, as well as excellent resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. In addition, super duplex alloys exhibit better magnetic properties than conventional duplex materials. This makes them highly attractive for use in some oilfield applications where magnetic susceptibility can be a problem.

Thermally Conductive Property

These super duplex forged eye bolts are made of excellent quality materials and are suitable for most applications. They are very robust and resistant to corrosion, breakage, and stress cracking. In addition, they have very good thermal conductivity so they can dissipate heat from any equipment or structure easily. This feature is important in places where there may be a lot of vibration or where large amounts of energy are being transferred by mechanical contact; for example, in aircraft manufacturing plants. This kind of heat-dissipation capability allows for more efficient use of machinery because parts won’t need to work as hard to keep cool. This can translate into lower energy costs which means your business will save money over time.


High-end structural bolts are commonly forged from super duplex stainless steel to withstand high temperatures and loads. In comparison with traditional mild steel fasteners, forged eye bolts from super duplex stainless steel provide higher strengths at substantially lower costs. With that said, you should carefully consider your project requirements before deciding which material is best for your specific application. To assist in your decision making process, we’ve outlined some key factors below.

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