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The best preschools and private schools to go to in Singapore

Singapore is not only an Asian miracle, being a first world country with an enviable standard of living, but it is also an economic hub that attracts talented people from every part of the world. Consequently, Singapore has a very large number of expats who work and live there. There are some excellent private schools and preschools in Singapore that meet the educational needs of the expats living there. Let us look at some of these in detail-

Best preschools and private schools in Singapore

Keep reading for a list of the Best Preschools in Singapore.

  1. Global Indian International School

Founded in 2002 the Global Indian International School Singapore is amongst the best private schools in the island nations. It offers the IGCSE, CBSE and IB curricula to its students. The school  takes in children starting from the kindergarten, right up to the high school level. That GIIS Singapore is an outstanding school is borne out by the fact that it produced 16 IB toppers in 2021. That apart, its CBSE students have been able to secure an average percentage of 91.6 consistently over the years.

The school boasts some of the best infrastructure anywhere as well as an outstanding teaching staff. It is hardly surprising that this is one of the most sought after schools in Singapore, especially amongst the expats.

XCL World Academy

This is one of the most admired international schools in Singapore that accepts students in the 2 years to 18 years age group. The school is known to provide a holistic education to children that equips them with the academic and life skills required to make a success of their lives. Their curriculum for the nursery is centered around play based activities as envisaged in a specially designed Reggio Emilia inspired learning space. It also offers the full suite of IB programs to students right through junior, middle and high school.

The school believes in all round holistic development of the students in question and for that purpose makes it a point to provide them with the best extracurricular facilities. It also provides them with university and career guidance.

One World International School Singapore

This school provides stellar education to children from early years to grade 8. Boasting of a fantastic campus located in central Singapore, One World International School Singapore happens to be an IB PYP candidate school offering the most engaging and informative curriculum available. Furthermore, it boasts digital classrooms offering a premium learning environment. To top it all, it has a moderate fee structure as well. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that this school is amongst the most popular international schools in Singapore.


The private schools and preschools in Singapore are renowned everywhere for the high quality of their pedagogy and their ability to impart the best possible education to their students. Many of these schools are run by globally renowned school chains who are well conversant with the best educational policies in the world. That is the reason why most expats are more than happy to educate their children in Singapore schools.

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