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The Best Ways to Decorate Your Vintage Console Table

The best way to be welcomed each day when you return home is with an antique console table placed in your foyer! A well-chosen vintage item can add a sense of class and timelessness to your space and your mood.

You can use a vintage console table for many things around the house, like an antique serving table, a dressing table in the bedroom, a TV stand, or a bar in the living room. You can use it wherever you need a console table.

What Exactly Is a Console Table?
Most people don’t think about this kind of table as much as they do coffee and dining tables. They are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings, from quiet to classy.

Consoles used to be reserved for the most opulent of homes, but today they can be found in homes of all sizes and styles. A console table may be found in many different rooms of the house, not only in the doorway or foyer.

In many ways, console tables resemble side tables, and as a result, they’re quite popular among collectors of antiques. It typically has a height that ranges from 75 to 90 cm and has tops that are shallow and broad.

How to Decorate a Vintage Console Table for Your Hallway
There are a wide variety of forms and sizes to choose from when it comes to entryway consoles, including rectangular, round, and half-moon. Choose a huge mirror as your console’s anchor piece to reflect light and give the room a more open vibe.

In smaller rooms, keep the overall look simple so that the accent piece you choose stands out. Small dishes or trays for mail and keys should be included in the design.

It’s important to focus on practicality and order when designing your foyer. Add handmade baskets, storage ottomans, boxes, or trunks beneath the sofa for additional storage.

A coat rack, tall planter, shoe rack, as well as an accent chair, ottoman, pedestal, or bench, are good choices for rooms with a lot of empty wall space since they frame the long rectangular consoles.

Styling Your Vintage Console Table in Your Living Room
Living room consoles are a great way to freshen up your area and change things up seasonally. While wall consoles may be used to fill the outside corners of space and frame a window or fireplace, behind-the-sofa consoles serve as a transitional element.

A pair of baskets may be used to store kindling or blankets in the colder months beneath the console. When you add a beautiful tray, you can fill up the space and organize your décor in an attractive and organized manner.

Make sure a behind-the-sofa console is at least 1 inch lower than the sofa’s back frame. If your couch is 85 cm high, you’ll need a console that’s no more than 82 cm high to fit in with the rest of your furniture.

If you stick to this general idea, your console will be a beautiful focal point and a transitional piece in your open-plan living room.

For a modern couch, a loveseat or low settee may be a preferable option because of how low they sit. You also don’t have the wall anchor, so the lights on either side add visual interest and more light.

If the console behind your couch doesn’t have any plugs for lamps, you could use a big hurricane vase and a pillar candle to light the area.

With a vintage console table, you get more than just a beautiful piece of furniture; you get a piece with a rich history that you may learn more about via your own explorations. Start your search for a unique antique hall table on Eloquence now!

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