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The dinky universe of phony Instagram powerhouses!

If there’s one social media platform that has grown more rapidly than its competitors, it’s undoubtedly Instagram. Although it is a late entry compared to FB and Twitter, blogs, and so on, the success of Instagram as a platform can be attributable to the ease of production and consumption. Think about this: Writing a blog post takes a lot of work- you have to brainstorm, draft, edit, upload photos or video posts, and then hope that readers are interested enough to go through it. Twitter is less crowded. However, it requires some effort to consider what you should type. There must be some substance to the few sentences you type into itin, which is why it’s not an easy task. click here

YouTube is also a lot of work to create, edit, shoot, upload, publish, etc.

However, Instagram is a lot simpler. The only thing you need is a picture- everybody is using a smartphone, and there are many things we can click, so just decent photos, just a few hashtags, and your image are in place. (Note that I’ve observed a handful of Instagram users who put a lot of work into their photos, such as editing them extensively for maximum impact. click here

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I have a lot of admiration for them; however, most would use filters built into the app and essential editing tools) For content users, it’s a lot simpler- just one glance, and you’ll discern what the picture is about and whether you’re happy with it or not. Other platforms like blog posts and Youtube videos can take time to read and comprehend before forming an opinion.

indirectly through Instagram

In a short time, Instagram managed to grab many users, both users and content creators, and establish itself as a popular platform for young people. click here

Its popularity led to its commercialization, a way to earn money from Instagram by individuals, PR agencies, or companies . The number of followers was a simple and essential gauge of one’s fame and is the basis for many factors- selecting an influencer and the amount to be paid. Everything has changed.


So far, so good. But greed for money has no boundaries. Individuals are always willing to test quick fixes, beat the system, utilize it for personal gain and earn more money.

In a short period, many people rose to the top of the charts on Instagram, the platform where followers count is the primary indicator of success. click here

Based on my limited experience, Below are some methods to increase your following number.

1. Offer quality content. 

Hope to be noticed, and get more followers- This is the most effective method that is honest and legal, but it’s a long and tedious process, and success isn’t assured, which makes it very appealing to many. click here

2. Follow many people

and hope that many of them will follow you back. After some time, stop following people who aren’t following your back. This is not illegal; however. Platforms do place restrictions on how many people you can follow the day, etc. This is a good strategy for many people to do this consistently and regularly for three months or more, and you could eventually be able to boast a substantial amount of fans. click here

Many people I know have tried this, but once they have a significant number of followers, they usually put aside this practice and concentrate on making money from their fame. It’s not illegal. However, there’s an assumption that the most famous people are expected to have more followers than the ones they’re following. 

3. Get followers to follow you 

Through promotional activities like giveaways or contests, cross-promotion on other platforms, and other such activities – completely legal, it may require some time and investment. Many people who have free time will be willing to join more than a dozen accounts to stand an improbable chance of winning something. This strategy could increase your followers; however, it depends on how well you promote your content. It’s fair if you offer real prizes to confirmed winners. click here

4. Optimization Learning 

The way Instagram operates and creates plans to get the most benefit from it, such as when to post, the correct set of hashtags, tag relevant brands or individuals, posting more stories to get more visibility, liking and posting comments on other users with the hope that they will return the favor, and other things. It takes a lot of effort and time, but it helps increase your visibility and, hopefully, your followers. It’s nothing wrong, but not significant enough to increase your number of followers exponentially.

In addition, many innovative individuals or groups of people have devised creative ways to earn money from followers who are hungry for influencers’

5. Pay to be featured. 

Numerous accounts focus on specific topics- cities, subjects, and other issues. They promise to promote or repost you on their platform for a cost and supposedly increase your visibility and followers. The rates vary based on various variables, and this entices many people.

6. Participating in PODs- 

There are numerous secret groups of influencers with similar interests who support each other. To like, comment, and share one another’s posts to be able to do so because to the outsiders, it appears like there is a lot of interaction on their accounts. If they do not scrutinize it and look closely, they might not realize that the statement is false. click here

7. Fake it until you make it

Here’s an account of many Instagram users faking advertising for brands. Even the brands don’t pay them; they pose as if the company employs you to promote it. The idea is to hope that this fake campaign is noticed by other brands and PR agencies and could lead to genuine deals in the future.

8. Fraud-Sex

You show more skin; you’ll get more followers or likes. It’s not illegal, and whether it’s correct or not is up to each person’s judgment. Another method of deceit involves buying a popular account to use the budget for your own, using images from another version, and so on.

9. Buy followers in bulk 

Since numbers are everything and organic growth can be decades long, a quick shortcut was to purchase followers in large quantities. Some individuals/companies would create thousands of fake accounts (bots) and make these bots follow whoever pays to buy followers.


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