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The Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Is Gaining Popularity as a Callaway Driver Shaft

“Demonstrably superior” is one of the core tenets of Callaway Golf Company. In their own eyes, if it isn’t good enough, not only do they not sell it, they don’t produce it.

That’s why ever since 1982, when the operation began, Callaway has been reliably producing some of the best-respected golf club heads in the game, featuring cutting-edge, proprietary materials and technology.

Even today, their Rogue ST, Epic MAX, and other driver heads are gathering no small measure of repute from the golfing community. It’s only fitting that players should pair them with Callaway driver shafts that are a proper match.

This brings us to a new line of driver shafts from Fujikura that has been making rounds and is ideal for the needs and performance of many golfers: the Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec line that has been gaining traction in recent headlines.

Here’s what it has to offer and why it’s fit as a mate for Callaway’s finest.

Tour-Flight Shafts, Top-Flight Materials, and Technology
Fujikura has been making the news with its new ATMOS Tour Spec driver shafts because they, overall, give players tour-spec quality that enables them to keep both launch profile and golf ball spin low.

It’s not a new phenomenon for golf shaft manufacturers to create flights of shafts that deliver tour-spec, stiff ratings, and much more, packaged with classic looks, but Fujikura’s line meets the bar and offers more.

These shafts are made with the same top-flight materials and feature the same technology that golfers have come to appreciate from Fujikura. They’re made with high-modulus carbon fiber and maximum carbon fiber content for consistency and strength.

All of them also feature a Phantium Finish and a H.I.T., or High-Inertia Tip, a proprietary feature that maximizes energy created on the downswing and releases it right before the moment of impact. This technology optimizes energy transfer and delivers consistent spin.

These golf shafts not only allow experienced golfers to hone in their swings for greater distance but greater control of shot dispersion for much more accuracy – the perfect merger of attributes for your finest Callaway driver heads.

Simplified Color Coding: What It Means
Like some other golf shafts (the VENTUS comes to mind) the Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec line features simplified color coding making it easy to identify at a glance which bend profile works best for you.

ATMOS TS Red Shafts, with their extra stiff and stiff shaft flex ratings, deliver medium to high launch profiles and low spin. They feature firm midsections and tip sections and stiff handle sections.

ATMOS TS Blue Shafts also feature extra stiff and stiff ratings and deliver mid-launch profiles and spin. They deliver stiff handles and tip sections with a firm midsection.

The ATMOS TS Black Shafts are the stiffest of the bunch. They’re available in stiff and extra stiff ratings as well as tour-spec stiff and tour-spec extra stiff (TS and TX, respectively). These shafts have a stiff handle, tip, and midsection and offer the lowest launch and spin of the ATMOS TS line.

Where Can You Find These and Other Callaway Golf Shafts
These Tour-Spec shafts are all ideal for players with higher swing speeds and would make excellent pairings with many Callaway drivers as Callaway driver shafts. If you’re interested in learning more about these ATMOS TS Shafts, get in touch with Dallas Golf Company online at DallasGolf.com or contact them directly.

They can be reached by phone at 800-955-9550 for more information or for assistance – you can only use their online shaft fitting tool or visit their shop in Dallas, Texas for golf club fitting services.

For more information about Best Driver Shafts and Golf Bags For Sale Please visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.

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