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The importance of sport is in the manual

Sport, in its many and varied forms, has become one of the greatest activities of our time and the transition to life.

Sport is an important part of education, its structure is important for health care, so it is a solution to inequality; Contributes to the development of equal rights for the public, to the development of policies that include censorship, and so on. Stimulate group participation. All this ensures a better life is an important foundation in modern life and enjoying and enjoying free time.

Principles of culture and economy, which are part of our title of Article I of the Constitution, 43.3. “It is the responsibility of schools to promote health education, physical education and athletic health. Appropriate leisure time is also encouraged.

The answer lies in the crucial role that sports support,

Law, passed before the then crucial Law 13/80, which must now be amended, not in the past since its creation, but in the laws given from the point of view of control of autonomous systems, the development of the same 스포츠중계.

The main purpose of the new law is regulation

A law must be applied to the public, which, on the one hand, denies the minor role of the relationship and, on the other, denies the responsibility to plan and specify a section. Of living together. † Negotiations should not be conducted in accordance with the laws of sports betting, because football is free, voluntary and social. Compliance with Article 43 of the Constitution and the information contained therein is sufficient to interpret and defend it, as one of the best ways to promote it. The operations are manageable and have the greatest impact with adequate management. †

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Promote sports or athletics

he must be aware of many democratic rights – so this law does not want to redistribute work that does not suit him – firstly, this appointment must be very mature “for the area that concerns local parts of the community and secondly in accordance with the principles of … always Participate in many laws In this sense, governance and governance Respect for the PA has a lot of involvement and participation in the competition, which will certainly support a more inclusive and productive sports policy.

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