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The NFL is promoting a “football flag” for the 2028 Olympics

The NFL wants flag football to be an Olympic sport. The American Football League has launched a campaign through which it aims to hold these 스포츠중계 Angeles Olympics in 2028, according to Reuters. “The NFL is the biggest driving force behind American football after all,” said Jeff Lewis, founder of the AFFL, about league involvement in the project. Flag football is a sport played almost all over the world. While it’s like American football, adding and getting, it needs some protective gear. The game stops when the defender pulls the canvas flag (flag) from the opponent’s waist.

International Football Federation of America

(IFI) is preparing to present an official proposal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and the NFL is building its sporting and economic muscles to make it a reality.

“We certainly support the work of Iffy and USA Football in making football an Olympic sport,” said NFL International Director of Operations Demand Leech. “They promote Bifa and what we have told them is that they are telling us how we can help them,” he explained, explaining that “we are ready to help influence and coordinate and bring people together.” , which promotes a five-on-five version of the small pitches game for the Olympics, currently has 72 member states, each with flag football teams and almost 70% of which have their own leagues. The United States leads the world ranking of sports in all categories.

According to new IOC rules introduced for the Tokyo Games,

Olympic host cities can select a limited number of sports and recommend their inclusion if they are popular in that country and add to the attractiveness of the Games. For that reason, in Tokyo, surfing, skateboarding, sports climbing and karate are at the forefront of the Olympics, and softball and baseball return after an absence in Beijing in 2008. While in Paris, surfing, a program It’s skating and climbing sports for those who come into the country. break dance.

The best I have seen recently. They are very athletic people,.

Who take great care of themselves and because of the weather are often locked in pavilions and gyms to train. In addition, they work better than the basics. “Last year the Havel Rebels won the Danish League and the Champions Cup with just six players.”

However, in Spain the Football Flag remains. According to Bart, “Spain has a very closed sporting attitude, it’s all football.” It is very difficult to develop other sports as there is little support from institutions and sponsors. They would rather give money to a third regional football team than an emerging sport or a children’s team. However, the Catalan league is very strong; “There are between 1,000 and 1,200 federations, and in the rest of the Spanish states there are about 400. The influence of dragons has a lot to do with that.”

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