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The Panel and Opinions on the War in Afghanistan

Afghan And Taliban

What do the Afghans and Taliban do? Are they really fighting to bring peace to Afghanistan? These are questions many Americans are asking when it comes to the situation in Afghanistan. The Taliban is on the verge of taking over the whole country. Many citizens of the United States think that if the Afghan and Taliban win the war, the United States might have a tough time trying to get out.


There are lots of people who believe that the United States should withdraw from Afghanistan completely. However, others disagree. Some say that the war must continue. However, what is really happening is that after a certain period, the Afghan and Taliban can be a part of the democratic government of Afghanistan. They will be part of the system and will have to play by the rules.


It is hard to see how a group of teenage boys, who have no respect for women and are fighting to become more powerful, can ever become a part of the Afghan government. This is a ridiculous proposition. However, some say that they are future leaders. Therefore, they should at least be given a chance. After all, they are not committing any crimes.

Casualties in Afghanistan

Many people are also concerned about the growing number of casualties in Afghanistan. More young men are joining the fight. Of course, it is natural for young people to think about going off to fight wars once they are older. Unfortunately, many of these young men have been killed in battle. There has been much criticism of how the US military is dealing with the situation in Afghanistan.


These events have made many Americans lose their patience. Many people believe that the United States of America is losing the Afghanistan conflict before it even starts. The cost in dollars and the lives lost have been staggering. The anger is understandable, but it must be tempered.


On the one hand, we must consider what the United States military is doing. We must look at the mission, rules of engagement, and the types of weapons being used. We must look at why it is so hard to win a battle in Afghanistan. Furthermore, we must ask why it is necessary to put more troops into the battle when they are not needed. When fighting a war, we need to focus on winning and not worry about the costs.

United States

The truth is that the United States has many tools in the toolbox that will allow it to win a war. Although it is not popular, the military has a plan, and many people believe it is working. As with anything worth having, there are critics, and many question the tactics. Despite that, the general public has lost patience with the war and the cost of the war in terms of the lives lost.

People’s View

What can we do to change the views of these people? If you would like to express your opinion about this issue, you may join some of the many available online message boards. They often have lively debates and allow you to post your comments. There are also many websites where you can read the opinions of others as well.

People’s opinions

When you read other people’s opinions, you begin to see the flaws in your own perceptions. Sometimes it is hard to see things objectively. By seeing things from different perspectives, you can make better decisions and better understand what the public thinks.

Political Positions

Unfortunately, many Americans remain politically incorrect. In Afghanistan and throughout the world, people are suffering because of the war. Many people have lost their lives. Perhaps, it is time that we consider a new approach to the war.


It is a shame that our government does not listen to the many people who disagree with what we are doing in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, some individuals in our government are afraid to buck the popular consensus. Instead, they are willing to play politics. As a result, the Opinions of the People’s panel are quite dismal.

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