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The speciality of IB schools in Singapore

A country so small, yet so full of diversity, Singapore, over the past decade has become replete with new ideas and fresh tech. This has been due to the high influx of people from across the world. This also means that education in Singapore is no longer localized. It has the best of almost every other country across the world. 

IB schools in Singapore are the ideal example of this. Most schools in Singapore have international boards for this reason. They need to cater to students from various backgrounds so that the best can be brought out from them. This is what makes students of Singapore more global in their approach. Along with international board schools, Singapore also has world class universities like National University, Singapore.

The IB program was launched around the year 1968 on the basis of a mission to develop an all-inclusive and universal program that helps improve intercultural bonding and promotes lifelong skill-based learning along with academic learning among the students.

According to the official website, ibo.org the mission statement of this curriculum emphasizes on developing experiential and critical thinkers in order to help create a better and peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. There are around 40 IB schools in Singapore offering this curriculum along with the other regional educational boards.

IB Schools in Singapore and their perfect blend of academics and extracurriculars

The special aspect of IB or International Baccalaureate schools is in the fact that they have a very intelligent concoction of academics along with extra-curricular studies which makes the entire experience of school life different from what a student would experience at a regular public secondary school. Students are generally given a high level of freedom to pursue activities outside of the classroom, and are encouraged to develop their interests in athletics, arts, drama, music, science and technology

Secondary school fees in Singapore IB schools

Of course, there is a difference in secondary school fees, when you compare the fees of an international school  and a public school. International school fees, in most instances, are higher due to the numerous facilities offered as compared to public secondary schools. However, in schools like GIIS or Global Indian International School, which is one of the best international IB schools in Singapore, the students get offered numerous scholarships as well. This makes opportunities open for all students even if some of them are unable to pay the required amount of fee in entirety.

Why are IB schools in Singapore unique?

  • IB students are usually assigned a project with the curriculum of every programme which certainly helps them understand their primary subject of research properly and better their research, analyzing and time management skills.
  • Due to in-depth academic curricula and global exposure through other students, children can learn more languages during their IB schooling period.
  • One of the primary aspects that IB programs benefit includes the development of a general emotional quotient (EQ) along with academic progress.


This education program provides appropriate knowledge and skills to make the students prepared to face any professional challenge and promotes a form of holistic development. However, on the other hand, a good quality school that represents the board could be hard to come across because there are numerous now. It can also be slightly heavy when it comes to secondary school fees. It is vital that as a parent, you consider all the pros and cons of the curriculum and choose the one that best matches your child’s personality and learning quantum and only then start your school life.

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