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The Ultimate Guide to Merchandising in 2022

Merchandising is an incredible practice that enhances customers’ shopping experiences while increasing sales and profits. In 2022, the retail industry is experiencing unprecedented changes to combat the challenges put forth by the growing ecommerce businesses. More and more people have shifted to purchasing products online. However, the experience of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores is irreplaceable. Retail stores incorporate proven in-store marketing ideas to attract more customers and accelerate sales. Visual merchandising trends are significant within the entire retail merchandising process. 

Let’s Understand What Merchandising is…

Merchandising process ensures that your products are presented to the customers in the best possible way. It involves activities that attract more customers, interact with them, enhance their experiences, and persuade them to buy more. These merchandising activities are carried out by both- the marketing and sales teams. Retail merchandising consists of organizing and restocking shelves, adding informative and promotional displays, employing skilled representatives on the field, collecting data, and tracking the results of the entire merchandising campaign.

Here are some of the best Merchandising services practices that can scale up your retail business in 2022:

Restock and Organize Shelves Regularly:

A shelf with a few products placed in an unkempt manner isn’t appealing to the consumers. A store will grab the customers’ attention when they maintain clean shelves stocked with a certain number of aesthetically arranged. Place new arrivals and best-selling products in the front so that customers who enter are immediately captivated by them. Essentials are ideally placed at the back, so the customer’s shopping journey will involve engagement with other products in the store. Product presentation and placement hold tremendous value in the merchandising process.

Experiential Merchandising:

Create an engaging and exciting experience that the customers will never forget! Retailers can arrange a “try me” booth where a representative trains customers to use the products, organize games and workshops, have a photo booth, etc. They can put forth challenges for customers in games or lucky draws where they can participate and win prizes or discounts. Experiential marketing not only engages customers at the store but helps in enhancing the recall value of products. Having an interactive display can also help in increasing sales.

Add more Informative Displays:

Signages use text, icons, or symbols to assist shoppers in making an informed buying decision. Informational signages give information about a particular product, its specifications, and ways to use it or prolong its life. Some other signages are purely used to “sell.” Shoppers love to make informed and confident decisions. They help businesses target customers, increase sales, and retain customer loyalty. The design and content are aligned with the brand’s values and philosophy. 

The retail business is a huge business that requires you to experiment with multiple ways of marketing and targeting customers. You can do it using creativity, huge pop-ups, instagrammable aesthetics, etc. The key is to connect with customers personally and engage with them to enhance their experience. Most importantly, track the results of your merchandising effort and optimize your campaign regularly based on the evaluation. 

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