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Things to Check in 2022 Genesis GV80

2022 GV80 is the perfect luxury SUV from Genesis. It looks classy and offers numerous luxurious aspects that are simply missing from many of its rivals. Driving it will offer one not only ultimate comfort but also a class that cars in this segment should provide.

You can get one by reaching Malvern Genesis dealer. However, if you are curious or have queries about this vehicle, then check out a few things about this car in detail. Simply reading about this posh SUV will make you fall in love with it.

What to expect from the powertrain?

This luxury crossover comes in either RWD or AWD systems. Also, the engine equipped in this vehicle is either a 2.5L four-cylinder turbocharged or a V6.

The 2.5L provides 300 horses easily, while the V6 3.5L generates 3375 ponies. In addition, the turbo engine takes 6.1 seconds to reach from zero to sixty mph while its V6 option takes just 5.3 seconds.

It is quite a ride that delivers athletic aspects for people to enjoy while sitting inside a luxurious SUV.

Furthermore, these powertrains are the reason for their fuel-efficient performance. The smaller engine provides 21 and 25 mpg in cities and highways respectively.

On the other hand, the V6 offers 18 and 23 mpg in cities and highways. However, several testing in the real world shows that depending on the driver, its V6 powertrain can provide 25 mpg on highways.

Why this luxury SUV has the best interior?

There are numerous luxury cars that people feel might have similar traits when it comes to interiors.

The GV80 provides people with a unique interior loaded with luxurious aspects that even pricier vehicles often won’t provide.

Wood-burled trim with metal accents, precise finishing, ambient lighting, uncluttered design, and more is what an owner of this car enjoys.

As soon as you check the interior, you will feel a posh vibe coming from it. Each aspect of the interior is elegant, efficient, and comfortable.

Massage function for the comfortable seats, a unique-looking display on the dashboard, etc. are just some of the features that even cars that cost more than GV80 don’t provide.

Also, the third-row seating is optional and can be added if required. If you are looking to gaze at GV80’s mesmerizing and posh interior, reach Malvern Genesis dealership.

Only by experiencing it yourself, it is truly possible to understand the luxurious and comfortable nature of this interior.

How much does this car cost?

The price of 2022 GV 80 starts from $51k approximately. However, you should get the model that will fulfill all of the requirements that you seek to enjoy after owning a luxury SUV.

For the best deals and details about pricing, one should visit a dealership near him, and this way one can also have a test ride of this car.

These things are worth mentioning when talking about the 2022 Genesis GV80. It is a remarkable vehicle that will fulfill your desire of owning a modern luxury SUV.

So, take a test ride, book it and drive your new GV80 home!

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