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12 Best Things to Do / Activities in Dubai

Dubai is among the most traveled countries in the world. To state in a more simple language, Dubai is the center of tourism where you can explore the most famous things from the world. The place is renowned for being lavish and the people visiting the site want that lavishness in their trip. From lavishness to fun, everything is available in Dubai. You can include the night or the day events in your list of things to do in Dubai. This is also the reason why the Dubai trips are much suggested. So, if you are also planning for some trips or even not, you must book a Dubai Tour Packages from Roaming Routes and explore another world in Dubai.

1. Explore Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium is situated at the Dubai Mall and is also one of the biggest aquariums in the world. The aquarium has the capacity of 10 million liters of water which is the home of 33,000 aquatic animals. These aquatic animals include the world’s largest crocodiles and other unique species. With the Researcher Experience, you may go behind the scenes at the Underwater Observatory or combine it with a glass-bottom boat excursion with the Explorer Experience.

You can feed the rays and sharks if you’re courageous enough! While you’re safe within a dive cage, say hello to one of the deadliest aquatic animals.

2. 4×4 Dune Bashing Adventure

Look no further if you’re looking for something exciting and different from what you can do at home. You just need to be in a 4×4 and rest the driver will speed up and take you down, and around the dunes. Add a slow-paced camel ride, dune bashing, and sandboarding to your itinerary. Enjoy a scrumptious BBQ buffet and cool drinks to unwind at the end of the day. You can also enjoy traditional Bedouin activities, such as belly dancing, fire dancing, and falconry.

3. Have a Peak Time at IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG World of adventures is the biggest indoor theme park. More than 20,000 people come and visit this beautiful place every day. You can also find several epic zones in this adventure house, named after the Marvel superheroes. For making your experience more interesting, you can try out the creepiest entry and the luxurious 3D experience of the Novo Cinemas. Here is also a 17000 square feet playground where people generally take their children.

4. Fly Above the Dubai Desert in a Hot Air Balloon

Soaring above the orange Dubai Desert at Sunrise in the hot air balloon will look no less than traveling heaven. If you book a hot air balloon flight for the sunrise, you will also receive the morning breakfast in the ride itself. The camel’s view from the height of 4000m will be amazing. You can also watch out for endangered species such as Arabian Leopard, Arabian oryx, bats, vipers, etc.

5. Take a Helicopter Flight Over the City

Once you go to the Helicopter ride flying over the city, you will forget any other city’s ride. In Dubai, you must have harborside views, which are very special. On the helicopter ride, you also can soar over many landmarks such as Burj Al Arab. You can also observe the World Islands, which are on the Persian Gulf from above.

6. Unleash Your Inner Tarzan at Aventura Parks

The Aventura Parks is the city’s largest zipline park that covers the 35000 meter square of the forest of Mushrif Park. The Ziplines, including the 85 selected obstacles with ropes courses and giant swings, were excellent entertainment options. The park also has small miniature rocks that the kids can climb and the 25 m Tarzan jump.

7. Roam Around Palm Jumeirah on a Speedboat

Palm Jumeirah is the most beautiful manmade island on the planet, and the best way to explore this amazing island requires a high-octane speedboat. This boat ride will become the best ride of your life where you will be able to observe Eye Wheel, The Palm, Atlantis, Burj Khalifa, etc. You can also take a tourist guide with you on the boat ride so that they can help you with the city’s details. They can also help you list the things you must see and the ways to go there.

8. Walk on Glass Floor at Burj Khalifa

Among all the activities that you can enjoy in Dubai, walking on the cracking floors of Burj Khalifa is the best and most exciting. Here you will have to visit the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. With a total of 160 floors, this building has an interesting observation deck on the 125th floor. On this floor, you will have to walk on the glass floor that seems to have a crack every time you step on it. But in reality, it is all high-resolution screens with VR effects.

9. Enjoy the Lovely La Perle live Show

La Perle Live shows are the city’s most attended and enjoyed shows. This is a total of 90 minutes of show where you can enjoy the mesmerizing acrobatics and the aquatic stunts. The entire show is based on the story of a little girl who travels different worlds to find a pearl. All the performers of the show make the best use of the entire stage to deliver the story’s outline clearly. The designs or the interior of the theatre look just like a cave.

10. Indoor Scuba Diving at Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is 60 meters deep pool and is the deepest in the whole world. If you are a marine lover and love to see the underwater world, then Deep Dive Dubai can be the best place. If you are trying Scuba Diving for a first-time diver then you can enjoy the training sessions. This pool is the safest place for beginners to learn Scuba Diving in a comfortable place. And if you are already a good diver, you can master your exciting skills without any fear or risks since it is not an open sea. The best part is that you can also dine out here.

11. Delicious Dinner In The Sky

Having dinner at the height of 50 meters is just like a dream for many peoples. But when you are in Dubai, it is actually possible. The Dinner in the Sky is the most special dining place in Dubai. You can come to this place and enjoy the delicious food they serve at that height. Although, you will not only be able to explore the beautiful scenario outside but also the food that includes many things on your plate. You can have some very mouthwatering dishes here such as Corn Fed Chicken, Chocolate desserts. Oriental Beef, etc.

12. Enjoy Skiing at Ski Dubai

Although it might sound strange to learn about a skiing place in a desert, it is a fact. Luckily, Dubai has a ski resort where you can enjoy skiing with your friends and family. Ski Dubai is built in a wide indoor area of 22,500 square meters. Here you can enjoy skiing, zip line, and snowboarding all around the year. You can also encounter penguins in the place. Ski Dubai also accompanies fun activities such as sledding, ice caves, and climbing on the towers.


Therefore, Dubai is the most attractive place where you can find thousands of activities to make your journey attractive and exciting. But selection makes a great difference. So, you can go with some of the handpicked activities mentioned by us over here. This will also help you to analyze the culture of Dubai. This Dubai tour will leave you with lots of excitement and fun for sure.

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