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Things to know about 3D measurement

3D measurement is the digitization of a real physical object and the construction of a three-dimensional model based on the received data (point clouds). There are various 3D measurement technologies, laser, optical, using X-ray technology and others. Which 3D measurement technology will be used depends entirely on the task. For example, 3D measurement can be used for tasks in the field of archeology, art and history, 3D printing or jewelry work. In this case, you can use any of the above technologies, in this case, the main criterion will be the ease of obtaining a 3D model, the resolution of the obtained data and the convenience of work.

But our company specializes in 3D measurement in the field of various industries: aviation, space, automotive, mechanical engineering and others. In this case, when choosing a 3D measurement technology, first of all, the question arises of the accuracy of the technology, its mobility, and the ability to work in a workshop environment. To determine the feasibility of 3D measurement in industry, it is necessary to evaluate the task from the point of view of an engineer, a specialist in the field of 3D measurement.

It is necessary to analyze the drawings, evaluate the dimensions of the object, analyze whether we get the data after 3D measurement, corresponding in accuracy to determine whether this or that size is within the tolerance, according to the design documentation. It is imperative to evaluate the surface of the object, since not all surfaces without processing can be digitized. There are a large number of factors that directly affect the final result of a 3D scan.

All this comes only with experience. So, to achieve the result, it is always necessary to contact specialists in their field. The DZO company was created by such specialists. We have been doing 3D measurement for over 8 years. We use only professional equipment that has calibration certificates.

  • Scanning products ranging in size from a few millimeters to several meters with high detail, including color.
  • We carry out work both in our office in SZ and on the road throughout US. Already today the geography of our work is from LA to DC!
  • We offer various options for additional processing of 3D measurement results – from creating a high-quality polygonal model to a full-fledged CAD model (reverse engineering) and calculating geometry deviations from the standard.
  • Any form of cooperation and payment – drawing up contracts, cash and cashless payments.
  • We have been professionally engaged in 3D measurement since 2010. We have extensive experience and thousands of successfully completed orders.
  • We use only professional equipment from leading Western manufacturers in our work.
  • We guarantee the highest quality and accuracy of results.

We offer professional 3D measurement devices at a bargain price. Extensive experience in this field guarantees excellent results. Leave a request for a scanning service on the website dzoptics.com. Our managers will answer all your questions, advise, help you figure it out. We provides services for 3D measurements of the geometry of products using mobile high-precision 3D coordinate measuring machines and specialized software. This type of control and analysis allows you to fully evaluate the deviations of the object geometry from the nominal model (CAD) or drawing, this method is especially relevant in cases of geometry with a complex surface.

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