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This is a Latin American who will be playing baseball in Japan

A total of 32 Latin American players have signed contracts to see performance at the highest level of the Japan Professional Baseball League (NPB) guaranteed professional contracts in the 2022 season, and most of them are already in Japan. . prepare to face the challenge. Below we discuss the current situation of each of them. Cuban Dayan Varied, Ariel Martinez, Ariel Martinez and Ariel Rodriguez all return with Chinch’s Dragons. The first and third came steadily in the team’s practice broadcast, but not the second and fourth, although they may have reached Japan. Both Ariel and Nariel had to work hard to earn regular places in the big teams.

Dominican Jewry Marten, Mel Rojas Jr. and Arul Alcatraz will do it again

Keep the Hanshin Tiger color. The first two have been training at the club since the start of spring training and even took part in the Sets sandwich party on February 3. The latter arrived in Japan on January 30, but has yet to show up at club training. It was very likely he would be quarantined before he could start working with his comrades.

All three will be rookies this season. First 스포츠중계 second in left field and third in bull church as intermediate sedatives, but it all depends on how well they show up during preseason.

Dominican Christopher Mercedes,

Ruby de la Rosa and Gregory Planck will be playing with the Yomiuri Giants. The first two were repeated with the organization, but the latter debuted in Japanese baseball.

Mercedes and De la Rosa have been working with the team since training began, but the police have yet to arrive in the country. The club hasn’t given details on that yet, but it’s likely that it will arrive in the coming days.

All three are aimed at beginners.

Mercedes as a starter, De la Rosa as a midfielder and Olancho in a position on the pitch that will allow him to help the team both offensively and defensively. It will all depend on the appearance of each of them in the spring.

Deena Stars once again has Soto Netflix Puerto Rico, Edwin Escobar from Venezuela and Fernando Romero from Dominica, all of whom have arrived in Japan and have been participating in training from day one.

All three should maintain their start with the team this year. Soto at first base, Escobar as a midfielder and Romero as one of the members of the first rotation of the team who will try to get out of the reputation hole this season.

Yakult Swallows brought back Domingo Santana of Dominica and José Osama of Venezuela, who were key for the club to win its first league title in 6 years and its first Japan Series in two decades in 2021.

The first arrived in the country on January 30th and is still operating

Quarantine period, while the second landed yesterday and are now entering their respective retirement periods. Both have to repeat as rookies this year, the first on right court and the second on first base. The Hiroshima Carp will once again feature Dominicans Geronimo Franzá and Robert Corneal, who have seen their trip to Japan delayed by COVID-19, but both are already in the country and working with the organization.

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