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Top Reasons To Choose Company Secretarial Services

The organized sector in India has been gaining traction in recent times. Individuals have realized the importance of having a proper structure for their business which has increased the number of companies as well as Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) being formed. Companies and LLPs – both are governed by the Companies Act 2013, as against a proprietorship or partnership firm which has less compliance. This has increased the need and demand for company secretarial services. The importance of structure, professional advice, and management has dawned in recent times to entrepreneurs around the world. A company secretary apart from the professional services has various advantages associated with them such as:

1. Ease of Business:

An entrepreneur has a variety of aspects to look after in a business. The addition of compliances and legal hassles would affect the business of the company as well as the profits of the entrepreneur. Company secretarial service providers are well equipped, knowledgeable, and trained to undertake any such task and complete it with ease. Such service providers will be able to work more efficiently and quickly as opposed to the same being done by the entrepreneur on their own. This will enable ease of doing business for the owner as he/she can focus on the main area of the business whereas the legal aspects are handled by the experts.

2. Corporate Compliances:

The company and LLP form do provide structure and legality to the business. This inspires investors in the future and hence many new-age entrepreneurs are selecting such a business structure. However, both the structures come with their own set of administrative and legal compliances. Such compliance in certain cases has to be met with strict and stringent timelines. With a multitude of compliances, complex laws, and a strict deadline, company secretarial services would allow the owner of the business to meet such deadlines in a time bound manner. Apart from the timely filing of such compliances, the chances of any mistake being made by a professional are less as compared to the same compliance being met in-house. Secretarial services would reduce any re-submissions and increase efficiency while saving time for the business.

3. Cost-effective:

The compliances and ease of business that come with hiring a company secretary or undertaking company secretarial services also result in huge cost savings for a business. A wrong filing or late filing would result in huge penalties for the business whereas any filing not on time would affect the efficiency and in turn the ability of the business to function effectively. Company secretarial services would ensure that the company does not have to face any hefty fines or penalties towards any legal compliance.

4. Wide-range of Services:

Company secretarial services apart from administrative tasks can assist the business in a variety of matters as well. The growing trend of startups makes it necessary for such businesses to have a proper capital structure. Such guidance can be provided by such consultancy. Apart from capital structure, matters related to the raising of finance, connection with Venture Capital firms as well as advisory related to proper means and sources of finance can enable the company to take advantage of low costs as compared to the industry peers.

Secretarial services have been often seen as limited to merely the legal compliances which are provided by them. But in reality, such services not only allow the efficient filing of such compliances but also help businesses in various other forms while allowing the entrepreneur to focus on their key activities. Company secretarial and similar advisory service providers are not merely consultants but key components and stakeholders of the business. Hence, the selection of such an advisor must be done with utmost care. A Company Secretarial Service provider could be a partner in growth for the company through their diligence, knowledge, and efficiency.

Service providers of secretarial work such as AKM Global & Co could not only reduce the burden of responsibility from the shoulders of the owners but also ensure that all activities and tasks are performed in a proper and timely manner. Consultancy and service providers can no longer be viewed as an outsider to a business and are in fact a vital cog to the business machinery in today’s ever-changing and complex business environment.

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