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Try an Oliva Serie V Melanio – You Won’t Regret It

Oliva Serie V cigars have been known for consistency and quality since they were released in 2007.

Notably, the Serie V Melanio Figurado was selected as Cigar Aficionado’s 2014 Cigar of the Year.

There’s not much not to like – in fact, the Serie V Melanio is an excellent cigar by every metric and delivers a sensory experience that must, well, be experienced to be appreciated. Here’s what you can expect.

Construction and Appearance
These are handsome, medium-to-reddish, hand-rolled cigars made with a masterful, complex blend of Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. These are specially-fermented, peppery, powerful Ligero tobaccos from the Jalapa Valley.

The Serie V Melanio is completed with a sun-grown Habano wrapper. Something that stands out about these cigars is the quality and consistency of the wrappers, which are almost universally blemish-free, with thin veins and consistent hues across the board. A freshly opened box of Serie V Melanios is an aesthetic delight.

They are just as pleasing in the hand. Available in a number of ring gauges and vitolas (ranging from the Petit Corona’s 46 ring gauge to the Double Toro’s 60), these cigars are expertly rolled, consistent, even, and firm – but not too firm.

Pre-Light Notes
The pre-light and cold draw notes of the Serie V Melanio are a delectable yet delicate balance of flavors that, though different, do not compete for your attention. The symphony of flavors is most exquisite.

Most smokers would call this a slightly peppery or spicy cigar, with notes of cedar on the cold draw. Others report rich, medium to full essences of coffee or chocolate.

First Third
Despite the peppery, spicy signature notes of the cold draw, it is not an overpoweringly spicy cigar upon lighting. The first third is surprisingly mellow despite the rich, medium-to-full-bodied notes of woods, coffee, chocolate, and spice. It is not overpowering; there is a creaminess to the smoke, and a very, very slight touch of sweetness, reminiscent of chocolate or molasses but too light to be brown sugar.

Second and Final Thirds
As you begin to round the first third of the cigar, new notes will start to develop and many of the notes that took center stage in the first third will readjust to a supporting role.

Spices are heavier in the second third – mostly black pepper with a slight kick of red. Sweetness diminishes and milder notes of coffee, leather, and perhaps a touch of earth develop. There is a noticeable nuttiness to these cigars, not entirely unlike almonds or even walnuts.

The final third of the cigar ramps up the spices just a bit, with base notes of nuts still being detectable, balanced by savors of spicy, slightly sweet cedar and coffee.

Sample an Oliva Serie V Melanio – for a Bargain
All in all, the Oliva Serie V Melanio offers a rewarding, complex balance of unique notes, and if you enjoy medium-to-full strength cigars that still deliver a smooth, almost creamy smoke, the Serie V Melanio will not disappoint.

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