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US Presidential Candidate Daryl Constantine Unveils New Initiative Banning Assault Rifles and Sale of LBGT to Children

The American Mail

Dec 28, 2022, 5:33 PM ET

Fresh off of his self-imposed Christmas break Republican Presidential Candidate Daryl Constantine unveiled his multi item “Defense of Children” Initiative designed to address several concerns, including the epidemic of gun violence in the United States.  “You know, I talk to people all over the world and this is becoming the main thing they see about us, that we have these horrible shootings, specifically at the schools.  It’s just horrible and we can’t have anymore of these, which I think everyone acknowledges.  But the reality that neither side has fully embraced yet is the fact that this is a two part problem.  The first part is the weapon and the second is the individual so the only sensible way to proceed is to address both concerns at the same time.  If you’re willing to deal with both of these factors you don’t get to say that you’re all in on this because you’re not.  You’re just politicking, using tragedy to advance one particular agenda at the expense of another.  So we have to tackle both sides at once and it just so happens that in order to do that both Republicans and Democrats have to surrender one of their sacred cows.  By the way, that’s usually what it takes to get something meaningful done in a bipartisan manner.”

He then went on to detail the various items of his proposed initiative.  Item one, which is necessary, is a federal ban on assault rifles. So for Republicans, and I know this is a big ask, I’m asking that we learn how to hunt without weapons of war.  Item two is a federal ban on the sale of any products, services, media, children’s books, cartoons, toys, etc promoting LBGT lifestyles to or for minors.  So for Democrats, it means they have to stop harassing our children with this stuff.  Item three is a federal ban on pornography and I’m not sure who might object to this more, so I guess we will see which party decides to make that their political hill to die on.  Let’s make it so that no one under the age of 18 has access to these “Call of Duty” style shooting games either while we’re at it.  There’s no question that the isolation, alienation and rise of anti-social tendencies in young men play a major role in these tragedies so we’ve got to get them away from things like these which distort their sense of reality and that have the potential to damage  them in deeply intimate ways.  And lastly, because virtually all of these shooters come from fatherless homes, let’s include a robust tax credit for intact mother and father households.  Again, not exactly sure who won’t like that, so I guess we’ll find out.”

Mr. Constantine then suggested that a majority of Americans would support such a package.  “I think on the one hand you’ll see good sized portions of both parties, who are incapable of growth, that will reject this.  At the same time, I think you’re going to see the emergence of a new American majority eager to break up the grid lock that will support the initiative.  I think I have a pretty good feel for the pulse of this country and my genuine assessment is that about two thirds of voters will ultimately get behind this.  And you know, let those politicians explain to their base why they passed on this.  To the Democrats, if you don’t take this deal you can spare me the crocodile tears because you’ve just shown everyone where your real priorities are.  And to Republicans that pass on this, they get to keep explaining to the American people why they need machine guns in the aftermath of these tragedies.  Meanwhile, “we the people” will get real solutions to the real problems.”

Mr. Constantine declines social media and encourages media and supporters to engage with him via his campaign website www.constantine2024.com.

Daryl Constantine
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