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USA News 2021 – Breaking National and World News

USA News 2021 is a thought-provoking short book written by the commentator, conspiracy theorist, and self-proclaimed mastermind John C. Maxwell. In his brilliant history of world politics, from Hoover’s day to Reagan’s, USA Today brings us its future world views in one easy-to-read volume. This latest book in the USA News series takes a historical look at how we can develop our civilization for the 21st century. Future warfare, terrorism, and crimes against humanity are all discussed, and the main theme is “How will we get the future that we want?” This famous author takes us back through history and examines the role the media plays in our future civilization.


In this well-written book, Maxwell contends that the present is a timeline of history and a glimpse of the future. One timeline begins with the Cuban Missile Crisis, ends with the Gulf War, the Cold War, and America’s post-cold war success in the World. The author contends that although we did not see the Cuban Missile Crisis coming, it was in the backdrop of history. The Gulf of Mexico came under attack from the new axis of rogue nations, which included Venezuela and Cuba. While the Cubans and Cuban missiles did not directly cause the Gulf of Mexico to seep beneath the surface of the ocean, America was and still is under attack from these same countries. As such, Maxwell feels that this is one timeline in history that needs to be chronicled.


As part of USA News 2021, Maxwell also delves into the future of the United States of America, discussing the differences between socialism and capitalism as offered by both political parties. He contends that it is time to move beyond the paradigm that has defined our society for the last 100+ years and to embrace the idealistic values reflected in America’s Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This author contends that we must move beyond our traditional mindsets in order to move forward as a nation and civilization. As he notes, “The present is not the past.”


Finally, Maxwell offers up his take on the infamous ‘oil spill’ in the Gulf of Mexico. The United States, he notes, is a leader in clean energy and environmental protection and is hardly a victim of pollution. Therefore, he argues, it would be a mistake to chastise the leadership of BP and oil spill and give America a black eye. Rather, Maxwell offers up his own personal assessment of the situation, suggesting that perhaps America is indeed a leader in clean energy and environmental protection, and perhaps, the oil spill should not be used as an opportunity to bolster the green flag just yet. USA News 2021 calls the state of the media regarding this issue a “shocking oversight.” In my opinion, this is an appropriate way to discuss this important issue.


Of course, Maxwell does offer some interesting comments about the future of the American economy, as well as the viability of a flat tax system. This author does hold some very strong opinions, and, as a result, this book might turn some people on. One thing I learned from reading this book is that sometimes, all you have to do is tell someone their opinion and watch the response. This is true of politics, the media, and even individual actions.


Ultimately, USA News 2021 is not a book about the future of America or the world. Rather, the author hopes that readers will take something away from the text that will help them become better citizens of the world. It is up to each of us to chart our own course in this regard and, hopefully, the world will become a better place through our efforts. However, as Abraham Joshua Heschel once asked: “What is wrong with being what you are?” (The quote comes from a book by the late thinker and activist Dr. King).


I can only hope that readers will embrace Maxwell’s point of view and look ahead to the future without fear of what the future might bring. As the famous song says, “Keep your eye on the prize.” I can certainly hope that this book will help readers do just that. After all, isn’t our single greatest opportunity to chart our own course in life? USA News 2021 presents you with an interesting look into the future of the American story.


Those of you who have not read this book, do not worry. I can assure you that it is not nearly as bad as it might seem at first blush. In fact, the book is not long. In fact, it is only fifty pages long. So, why not read the book and then decide for yourself whether or not you think it is the book for you?

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