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Using UPI App? 8 Safety Tips You Must Follow

UPI or Unified Payments Interface is the modern way India makes online payments. More than a million online payments are made every day. Apart from the common cashback apps, UPI apps are used the most daily. Since it is regarding monetary transactions, safety remains a prevalent concern for many users. While UPI does guarantee security from its end, users also should follow specific safety tips to safeguard their money from fraud and scams. Here are some of the safety measures listed in detail.

Screen Lock is a Must

While using a smartphone, a screen lock is mandatory. Even if it is a simple pin and passcode or fingerprint and facial recognition, your phone should have a screen lock option. Besides keeping the UPI app safe, it will also secure the smartphone.

Never Share Your UPI Pin

The UPI pin is the last line before a transaction occurs. Hence, this 6-digit number is crucial and should not be shared with anyone. Never even write it down on paper or as a note on your phone. Ensure that you memorise it and not expose it while making a payment. If you feel that a pin theft has occurred, change it immediately.

Stick to One App

According to UPI safety guidelines, you should stick to using one or at most two online payment apps. In that case, you might be wondering which UPI app is safe. Considering safety, every UPI app is secure if you manage it well. There are many apps like Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe, and many more. Choose one and stick to it.

Avoid Scammers

Technologically backward and innocent people are the main targets of scammers. Scamming is a common trend whereby scammers ask people to click on disruptive links. These links are technically made to transfer the money to their account. Ensure that you do not fall into such traps and get scammed. 

Update the App Regularly

An updated app will always have enhanced safety options. Although most smartphones auto-update apps these days, you must recheck if the app is updated. If your app is not updated, payments may get disrupted, causing additional problems. 

Disable Screen Recording and Sharing

Never grant screen recording access to your UPI apps. Since many apps breach data security, this can compromise your financial information. Moreover, turn off screen sharing access for UPI apps too.

Prefer UPI ID over Phone Number

When transferring money to a particular person, always send it through their UPI ID instead of their phone number. Mistakes are common while typing numbers, which can redirect the money to the wrong place. UPI ID or the QR code is always a safe option. Again, if sending money through phone numbers, test it out with INR 1 for maximum safety.

Check the UPI Identity

The app automatically detects the person as soon as you enter a UPI ID or scan a QR code. Before initiating the payment, ensure that it is the authorised entity. Since the payments are irreversible, checking them beforehand is a good practice.

UPI apps are pretty convenient when the world is always on the move. Besides being quick, it ensures the complete safety of your money when making online payments. You need to be careful while making payments and maintain the minimum safety line.

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