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Want to know Everything about Key Stage 1 Syllabus?


Cambridge Primary curriculum is also known as (Key Stage 1 Syllabus) designed for 

5 -7 years old students provide a strong foundation in their crucial schooling years.

In this 2-year primary programme, students are guided well by professional experienced teachers on developing various skill sets like languages, mathematical skills, inquiry-based learning etc. Not only that this programme is the perfect mix of academic and extracurricular activities known as the 9 GEMS holistic framework.

Cambridge education is part of the University of Cambridge used in over 160 countries around the world, designed by subject experts and involves years of academic research. This programme from School in Malaysia engages students on global topics, develops critical thinking and a passion for learning. It provides students with a solid foundation that is later built upon as they progress through further education.

Benefits of Cambridge Primary

  • It lays the foundation for secondary education. 
  • It helps students to know their strengths and weaknesses and thus support learning and development. 
  • Cambridge Primary enables learners to progress to the Cambridge middle year program.
  • Cambridge Primary Key Stage 1 Syllabus helps teachers to measure students’ progress over time and providing detailed, structured reports to parents is possible.
  • It is a well known International curriculum renowned by many International schools worldwide.
  • Cambridge Primary helps learners to broaden their global perspective. 
  • Known for top-quality teaching and assessment resources, it is the best curriculum, a perfect mix of local, national and international topics.
  • Cambridge Primary is known for the flexibility it provides to schools where the teaching methods and curricula can be customised. No part of the programme is compulsory and schools may choose as per their needs.
  • With Cambridge education, you can provide a broad and balanced education to your child which will help them all their life. 
  • It develops various skills such as creativity, critical, logical and independent thinking, improves communication, enriches their knowledge on many global topics etc.
  • The curriculum from School in Malaysia can be shaped according to students’ needs. Any combination of the subjects can be adapted to suit context, culture and ethos. 
  • It helps teachers to make informed decisions in the progress of individual learners’ needs and helps to focus on their teaching efforts in particular areas.
  • Cambridge CEM’s computer-based assessments help to identify learning needs, potential in core academic skills which is measured and benchmarked.
  • Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is the reports of students’ individual and group performance.
  • The Cambridge International programmes are recognised by universities and employers.
  • The Cambridge International curriculum provides flexibility for students to begin their studies in one country and complete them in another.

Subjects of Key Stage 1 Syllabus

There are six stages in Cambridge’s primary curriculum with core and optional subjects.

Core subjects:-

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science – Biology, Physics, Chemistry.

Optional Subjects:-

  • Music
  • Art and Design
  • Digital Literacy (IT)
  • Global Perspectives
  • Physical Education

These various subjects enrich children’s knowledge and develop varied transferable skills, which they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Assessment in the Cambridge International Programme

The assessments are fair and reliable. Students have to complete the checkpoint assessments at the end of Stage 6 where their proficiency in the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) and optional subjects (Global Perspectives) is assessed and promoted to the lower secondary portion of the Cambridge International curriculum.

These checkpoints help School in malaysia teachers to set benchmarks in measuring students’ progress and customise it. Teachers create a feedback report and detailed structured reporting for parents.  

The Cambridge Secondary Curriculum is for students aged 11-16; which is split into

Lower secondary (ages 7-14) 

and upper secondary (ages 14-16). 

Where students take Cambridge IGCSE qualifications and then later progress to the Cambridge Advanced programme (A-Level qualifications).

Role of Teachers and Resources in Cambridge Primary Curriculum

There is a wide range of resources to support children in their learning from Stage 1 to Stage 6. It’s available for all core and optional subjects.

These resources are used by teachers accordingly as per the availability of teaching materials or as per the needs of the class.

These resources contain powerpoints, worksheets, lessons, games and more such supportable work materials at each stage which develop a passion for learning in students.


If you are looking for a curriculum that helps students in developing skills for life along with academic achievements then the Cambridge Key Stage 1 Syllabus is best for your child. The 5 elements; international curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment and international recognition makes Cambridge Education the best curriculum which challenges and inspires students.

Want to be a part of a global community of Schools in Malaysia with the Cambridge Program? Nearly a million students from 10,000 schools in 160 countries prepare for this our qualifications.? What are you waiting for?


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