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What are the Kuala Lumpur international schools like?

Kuala Lumpur is one of the premier cities of SouthEast Asia renowned the world over for its splendid skyline that includes the famous Petronas Towers. It is also a city that is culturally very vibrant and finds visitors of both the business and tourist varieties from around the world. It is also home to a large expat population who work and live in the city. Many of them are there with their families taking advantage of the city’s excellent education system, including some of the world’s best international schools.

Many of these schools offer internationally recognized education systems followed in nations like the USA, Britain, Germany, India and so on. Some of the programs offered by these schools in Kuala Lumpur are cambridge primary program kuala lumpur, the CBSE program and the various IB Programs. Let us look at some of the schools that offer these.

Here are the best Kuala Lumpur International Schools that provide the Cambridge Primary, Secondary and other top programs like CBSE, Global Montessori Plus, etc…

Global Indian International School

Reputed as the best private international school Kuala Lumpur, Global Indian International  School or GIIS is part of a globally renowned chain of international schools. They boast world class infrastructure and some of the best teaching staff anywhere. Their cutting edge education programs have made it possible for their students to gain admission in some of the best universities in the world. 

The curricula offered by them include Global Montessori Plus,  Cambridge Key Stage 1 & 2 for 5 to 7 and 8 to 10-year-olds, Cambridge Key Stage 3 for ages 6 and 7 and IGCSE for 14 to 16 year olds. With all that the school offers, it is not surprising that the school is very well regarded by the expat community and is known to provide one of the best Cambridge Primary programs in Kuala Lumpur

The International School of Kuala Lumpur

The International School of Kuala Lumpur offers the very best of international curricula incorporating the best North American Educational practices. The students who study at this school turn out quite well and are fully equipped to give a good account of themselves as the most socially responsible global citizens. The learning that this school provides focuses on enabling students to give a good account of themselves when they seek admission in colleges and universities or at their workplaces. They also make them develop in a manner that enables them to  lead happy successful lives going ahead.

St. John’s Secondary School

This is a highly acclaimed Kuala Lumpur international school and very popular with the expat community. Its high academic standards are borne out by the fact that it boasts a 100% IGCSE pass percentage. Not only is the school a center of excellence, it is very liberal in providing various kinds of scholarships to meritorious students. The school is characterized by its world class amenities and facilities as well as a great environment for soft skills and character development.  It is not, therefore, any surprise that the school has students hailing from nationalities across the world.

Garden International School

This 70 year old international school is renowned for deploying innovative teaching and learning techniques, which results in the best possible academic results for its students. Students who pass out of this school usually get admission in the best of colleges and universities. With a sprawling well appointed campus, receiving an education here is quite a privilege. It can, therefore, be easily understood why the school is so popular amongst the expat community in Kuala Lumpur. 

The holistic education approach by the school creates a very enabling learning culture that makes the students achievers as well as good human beings.It sure is one of the best IGCSE schools that offers a well-curated Cambridge Primary Program in Kuala Lumpur

Taylor’s International School

The school’s philosophy of considering academic excellence and character building as the basic tenets of their education strategy has found many takers among the expat community in Kuala Lumpur who are very happy to send their children to this school.  Their school lays emphasis on English, Bahasa and Mandarin serving the interests of both local and international students.

The teaching style of the school is quite unique, stressing as it does on quantum learning. At the same time there is a lot of importance accorded to teaching soft skills and imparting the right kind of values to the students. All in all the school provides an extremely nurturing environment for learning.


Kuala Lumpur international schools are as good as the best in the world in every way. That includes the campuses, facilities, teaching staff, curricula and all-round holistic development. This is one of the primary reasons why the city has such a large number of expats who are quite happy to live here for long years, along with their families.

Kuala Lumpur with its combination of the modern and the traditional and the multi ethnic nature of its population is a delightful city to live in and is a great place for a child to grow up in. The fact that it also boasts a world class schooling environment makes the city all the more welcoming and attractive to expats thinking of living there for a length of time.

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