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What Color Braces Show Your Teeth In The Best Light?

Braces have become one of the most popular ways to straighten your teeth, but they aren’t all created equal. If you’re considering getting them, you’ve probably heard conflicting reports about the best color braces to wear if you want to make your teeth look whiter than ever before. But fear not – we’ve found the answer! Read on to learn more about how braces work and what color bands are best at helping you achieve that pearly white smile you’ve always wanted.


Colored vs clear braces

A common concern is what color braces are best. Many people don’t realize that there are options other than clear brackets. Some of them aim to make your teeth appear whiter, while others try to improve oral health overall. Before you decide which color of braces is right for you, it’s important to understand what each option can do. Keep reading to learn more about each type of colored brace so you can choose between them with confidence and get started on a bright smile!


Two Options For Black Stainless Steel Braces

There are actually two options for black braces bands: One option is to go with black stain that can be applied over steel, or go with porcelain-enamel coated braces. There are pros and cons to both options. Black stainless steel bands tend to make teeth look whiter than traditional colors; however, they can be susceptible to rusting if not cared for properly. Porcelain-enamel coated bands tend to provide more longevity and better prevent staining but won’t give you as bright of a smile. If you’re only after whitening your teeth, then stainless steel may be the right way to go; however, if you want something that will last longer, coating is likely a better option.


How To Choose A Colored Band

To see if colored bands work for you, speak with your orthodontist. Most orthodontists offer a variety of colors and can discuss what color would be best to get your teeth looking their whitest. Be sure to tell them that you’re interested in choosing a color based on appearance (not as a part of any study). If they can’t accommodate that request, it might be time to find a new orthodontist who will help you choose which color is right for you.


Black Zirconium vs. other colored brace materials

Black brace bands aren’t only in style, they’re also there to support your teeth—just like your regular brackets. But if you want a bright smile, black bands are not an option. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice function for fashion. Here’s how to remove black bands from braces so you can show off your sparkling white smile.


Lifespan of colored braces bands

You can’t count on colored bands to improve your smile over time; they wear off with time. While wearers of clear braces or those who have already had their braces removed may be tempted to buy colored bands, you can’t count on them to improve your smile over time. They will eventually wear off. Wearers of clear braces or those who have already had their braces removed are often tempted to buy colored bands, but these, too, will wear off in about a year. (The exception is SmartBraceletz’s, which contain a super-special type of silicone that won’t ever come off!) If you opt for colored bands on your clear braces, remember: Pick white for a whiter look!


How to Remove Dark Brace Bands

While darker bands make your teeth look darker, brighter bands—or no bands at all—can lighten your smile. Take a couple of simple steps to remove black brace bands and replace them with less noticeable ones. Avoid chewing on ice, eat crunchy foods like carrots, and brush regularly to prevent staining of your new veneers or braces. If you have extra-dark metal brackets, try using a white eraser (like an Expo) to hide any lingering blackness around your mouth or lips. You can also ask your orthodontist about professional stain-removal products that can lighten metal; they’re generally safe but do a patch test first in case you have an allergic reaction.

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