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What Do Great Storytellers Know That You Don’t?

Content Puppy Productions is an award-winning corporate video production company. Here’s some storytelling advice from the company’s founder.

Have you ever noticed how some people are great storytellers, and some people aren’t?

I don’t know why—is there a storytelling gene in our DNA? Is storytelling something you learn or something you’re born with?

It’s kind of like being able to tell a joke. Some people can act out the different voices and mannerisms and get a group of people laughing and hanging on every word.

And some people, well, really shouldn’t try to tell jokes.

Storytelling and Video Marketing

These days, it can pay to be a great storyteller. Over 86% of entrepreneurs are using video to promote their business, and 92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy.

So of course, being a great storyteller gives you a huge advantage. It helps you connect with customers, engage audiences, and build business.

So how can you become a better storyteller on video?

The simple answer: Hire a Professional.

Charlotte Creative Video Services

There are all kinds of video production agencies in North Carolina, from full-service companies to small creative boutiques.

All of them are great at cameras and lighting and the technical aspects of video production.

A smaller subset is also good at marketing. They can help you develop campaign ideas, write scripts, storyboard ideas, and figure out the best way to tell a story visually.

Start With the Ending

So how do you create stories that grab attention and connect with customers?

The first bit of advice is to start with the ending. Effective marketing videos and TV commercials usually have a memorable ending. It’s the moral of the story, or the punchline of the joke.

The ending also makes a point of some kind about your product or service.

If you can imagine the perfect ending to a story—something that reinforces a key product feature or benefit—start there. After that, you’re just filling in the details, the story elements that lead up to that ending.

KISS—Keep It Simple, Stupid

Another important bit of advice is to focus and simplify your idea, so it makes one important point in a memorable way. Saying one thing extremely well is much better than listing three things that nobody will remember.

In the case of TV commercials and social media videos, you don’t really have TIME to elaborate on anything. Your idea has to work in 30 or even 15 seconds.

The Most Important Question—Will Anyone Care?

The most important question to ask yourself is “Will Anyone Care?” Is this a story that will captivate and engage an audience, or fall flat?

One important aspect is the PERSPECTIVE of a story. Are you using words like “I” and “Me” and talking about yourself the whole time? That can turn an audience off.

If you can use the word “YOU” more often, you’re inviting the audience in, and helping them put themselves in your shoes.

About Content Puppy Productions

Content Puppy is a creative video production agency based in Charlotte, NC. They work with clients throughout the Southeast Region, in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Florida.

They offer a full range of creative and production services, including digital advertising, campaign development, graphic design, video production, post production and visual storytelling.

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