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What is a Pedaler or Mini exercise bike?

mini stationary bike or pedal exerciser is a compact fitness device that you can use to pedal with your legs or arms. It consists of a set of pedals to exercise at home. They include a resistance (in adjustable cases) that allows to simulate the exercise that is carried out on a stationary bicycle, but without counting on the rest of the structure of the bike, handlebars and saddle. It is used for pedaling sitting in any type of seat and can be placed on or under a desk or table. 

A pedaler can be electric or static, and it is ideal if you are looking to exercise from home while using the computer or watching television. It is cheap and very easy to use, ideal if you want to start living a healthy life without spending a lot of money on a fitness device that you do not know if you will use or not. Even if you don’t have time to exercise, it’s an ideal solution for toning your leg muscles. 

In this Biciscope guide, we’ll go over the best-selling and highest-rated pedals on the web. So if you are looking for opinions or need to know this device thoroughly before buying one, this guide is for you.

Pedals for the elderly: the advantages of using a mini bike

Beyond the space savings of buying a pedaler , pedaling while seated helps the elderly to stay active without having to get on a stationary bike with the risks that this implies.

Those who suffer from the hip especially may prefer to pedal sitting in a chair that is comfortable for them, with armrests and a good height, before getting on a stationary bike or spinning bike.

To use pedals to do exercises of this type, it is advisable to place a non-slip mat underneath. This way we make sure that the device does not move while we exert force to pedal.

Benefits of the pedaler:

Buying a pedaler offers several advantages over a traditional exercise bike. Here are some of the benefits that a pedal box offers over other types of bikes:

  • Versatility of use: you can use it to pedal sitting on the sofa or at a desk. In addition, it is used to exercise legs or arms. 
  • Adjustable resistance: Some models of pedals allow you to adjust the resistance to perform more or less demanding training. If to this is added a screen to monitor the exercise LCD or display, the user experience is much more complete. 
  • Ideal for rehabilitation : There is no age to use a pedaler. An elderly person or someone who needs to pedal for sports rehabilitation can use it. The advantage for older people is that they avoid getting on and off a stationary bike. With a pedaler you can rehabilitate both the lower and upper body with all its muscle groups. 
  • Space saving: a pedal board is small as it is just a set of pedals for sitting exercise. So you can use it under or on a table (to pedal with your arms) and then store it in any closet or corner of the house.
  • Low price : pedalboards are cheaper than a stationary bike, so they are a way to exercise and save money . They also offer variety, since you can buy static pedals, with a screen or adjustable in resistance, or other simpler ones at a reduced price.

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