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On the journey of Loss of weight, keto fasting, the juice diet juice detox cider vinegar, and caffeine enema bag…what else? You can lose 10 kg in just 10 days! A plethora of falsehoods and misinformation is being propagated and promoted.

To determine the amount of bodyweight we want to lose, we must be aware of the type of bodyweight we carry. Two factors contribute to the body. Lean body mass and fat mass. The fat mass is the amount that fat adds to our body, while lean weight is the total weight of our muscles, bones, tendons, and organs.

As we age, fat accumulated within our bodies increases, and fat mass rises. Losing weight slowly and lean gathering can make us appear old and unhealthy. Whenever we try quick and straightforward methods to lose weight, this is the case. Fast and desperate practices of losing weight, such as fasting or intense workouts, can result in us appearing less slender and older. In reality, a low metabolism can make us more prominent in weight.

The most suitable and healthiest method to lose weight is to use nutritional weight management programs.

It should be designed so that the routine or the methods can be quickly and easily returned to throughout our lives. Sustainable weight loss plan is when losing weight does not return. The unhealthy ways of diets like crash diets are always unsuccessful. The lost weight will be regained in greater quantity than the original weight loss and will cause many new diseases.

Weight management that is sustainable is the way you can correct your metabolism. According to Ayurveda, the Dhatu Parinama Theory, from the Sapta dhatus Medho dhatu ( fat ) begins to accumulate when the proper metabolism or fat transformation does not occur within the body. This is because of the inability to process food due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

How does Panchakarma help in Sustainable Weight Management?

Obesity is among the most prevalent metabolic disorders due to a damaged metabolism. A body that is sluggish or has impaired metabolism won’t be in a position to digest carbohydrates and energy and will instead store it in visceral fat, causing the body to become overweight. Panchakarma in Australia assists in restoring both the primary and secondary metabolism in the body by flushing the built-up toxic substances. When metabolism is improved, the body’s fat-burning process is supported by proper exercise, Ayurvedic medications, and healthy eating practices. This process aids in maintaining and maintaining the weight we shed.

What treatments of Panchakarma can help in sustainable loss of weight Management?

Among the five Panchakarma methods, Virechan ( the process of induced purgation ) and Lekhana vasthi ( medicated enema ) are the most preferred treatments for weight loss. These treatments are safe and safe since there aren’t any invasive procedures to be performed. The therapy covers both Gut cleansing and Colon cleansing, which results in optimal absorption and metabolism within the body.

Benefits of going through sustainable weight loss

Implementing a weight loss program is beneficial in growing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass. Additionally, it helps to correct the metabolic parameters of our bodies like cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels, menstrual cycle, blood pressure and fertility, skin and hair health, and general energy levels. Additionally, gastric issues such as gastric bloating, indigestion, hyperacidity, and constipation can be treated.

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