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What Is The Easy Vape Tricks For Beginners

What exactly is Vaping?

If you’re new to vaping, there are a few things you need to know to get started. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to start vaping effectively and easily, no matter your experience level. We’ll also highlight some of the best beginner vape tricks, so you can get the most out of your vaping experience. So be sure to read on for all the info you need to get started! Make sure to check out cheap disposable vapes as you might need them to perform some of the tricks we’ll mention in this article.

Recommended Vape Tanks and Accessories

The best atomizers are arguably the most important part of using your vape pen or desktop vaporizer device. There are many different types, with varying effects:

Ceramic coils for higher temperatures, steel builds for better flavour and airflow to optimize temperature control (TC), and small round-bottomed clearomizers produce excellent clouds but not so much flavour/aroma in comparison. These also turn out to be more fragile.

Portable vaping devices vs desktop devices

Atomizers and their tanks have different internal design specifications that impact how effective they are at producing flavour/aroma and restricting vapour flow – This can make them best suited to certain portable vape pen models or high-powered desktop personal vapes. Look for these things when shopping for vape accessories:

Threading on atomizers

Most atomizers are designed to screw onto other parts of the vape they fit on, while some vapes come with their own tank/atomiser systems. You may want to check if your device’s tanks won’t interchange with any others you’re interested in before spending money on accessories that aren’t compatible or think will cost too much when used only sparingly.

Clearomizer capacity

Any under-capitated clearomizer can experience leakage, especially from the bottom of a tank. A good rule is to buy aftermarket clearomizers for exactly how many hits per day you plan on using them – if your daily use will consistently top out at 50mgs or so it’s perfectly adequate to carry one clearomizer with around 1ml capacity, but mindful that these are more fragile and prone to leaking than standard ones.

Now Let’s take a look at some of the cool Vape tricks that you might perform.

  • The Ghost Inhale

It is the most popular vape trick for beginners. Although things are difficult to start in the beginning, a lot of folks get this on their first attempt. So, how to do this cool trick? Simple, inhale like normal and then exhale out of your nose. How awesome is that?

For me, this trick helps tame down harsh e-juice flavours and also makes for a smoother vape experience overall (especially on lower wattage builds). Achieving this takes practice so start out slow with low watts or use a low resistance build to help you get the hang of it

  • The Tornado

Known as the coolest tricks to do with a vape device. Wanna know how to do this?

Take a deep drag from your device, and then let that one breath out through your mouth. So I guess this trick is kinda variable-speed lunging. The trick is to get it right and make the exhale as smooth as possible. 

An advanced user might be able to do this on their first try, but for beginners, I would start slow with low wattage builds until you got a better feel for it!

Things to Consider while Vaping – Do’s and Don’ts

There are some common-sense rules about vaping you should know when beginning the experience. These rules will help you avoid any newbie mistakes, save you money in the long run, and give you better overall enjoyment of your vape accessories!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the do’s and don’ts of vaping:

  • Keep e-liquids at room temperature.

E-liquid is a solution sensitive to heat, so keep it away from heat sources like microwave ovens or concentrated sunlight. It should never be anywhere but your mouth!   (If you cannot let the juice settle again on your desk/floor before consumption, then this is definitely a sign that something is wrong.)

In addition, do not mix e-liquids in a car with the windows down.  Wait until you get home before vaping your liquid concoction!

  • Keep alcohol out of vape juice completely.  

This is especially important if someone was hoping to crack open one of their friends’ bottles and used some as an ingredient somewhere along the way instead of buying proper brand name drinking alcohol like Smirnoff Ice or Jolt Cola! Alcohols are one of the main components that change or ruin an e-liquid’s flavour. You will want to avoid using any other drinks besides your own juices, so stay away from purchased beverages that contain alcohol as well.

We hope this was a good read for a lot of folks out there finding new and easy ways to do Vape tricks.

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