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What Makes 2022 GMC Canyon More Capable than its Rivals?

If you want to know what makes the 2022 GMC Canyon more capable than its rivals, then a few specs will help. Its powertrain is one of the reasons that makes this pickup more capable than its competitors in the mid-size category.

Thus, you can opt for this truck when consulting Palmyra GMC dealer. However, for those that want to know about its capability, one simply needs to go through its powertrain and certain other details.

Triple engine options

This pickup can be used for any activity and thus, comes with three different engine options. An individual can select one according to his/her need and activities that this truck will have to endure.

The base engine is a 2.5L four-cylinder option. Most people skip it unless they tend to use this vehicle for light activities that involve running errands and stuff. Nevertheless, this engine is powerful enough to carry out most tasks that it is given.

The most exciting powertrain of this vehicle comes with a V6 3.6L engine option. It offers 308 horsepower and is paired with an automatic 8-speed transmission that results in quick acceleration. This is one of the quickest trucks that are available in the mid-size segment.

In addition, this engine will save you fuel due to its cylinder deactivation technique. This is one of the best engines for the 2022 Canyon and most people select this when purchasing this vehicle.

Last but not least, a diesel option. This four-cylinder diesel option is not as fast as the V6 but offers better towing capacity and more fuel-efficient. It is a refined engine that surprises people quickly with its performance.

Most people who opt for a diesel version of Canyon use it for work where they need to tow ample load regularly.

Other driving details

The ride quality of this vehicle is remarkable and transcends its class in most situations. It has an excellent balance between firm and soft damping. For example, if a road is unpaved, bumpy, etc. this truck will soak up all imperfections resulting in a smooth driving experience.

For the perfect off-roading, most people choose to get the AT4 version. It comes with an upgraded suspension that makes even off-roading a swift experience. Moreover, when driving on a highway, it will provide a stable feeling to drivers.

Also, when in town drivers can easily handle this truck due to its agility as well as dimension. In addition, the responsive feedback from its braking system gives a driver much-needed confidence on road. To opt for a test ride, visit GMC dealer serving Palmyra.

Canyon’s pricing detail

The price of a Canyon starts from $27,999. However, you would want to buy Elevation, AT4, or Denali. The Elevation will cost you $31,499 while the other two would cost $39,599 and $42,299. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury trim, then Denali is what you should get.

All of the 2022 GMC Canyon variants offer ideal performance and more; hence, choose accordingly. These powertrains are what make a Canyon more capable than its rivals. So, take a look at the trims and decide for yourself!

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